Design a set of city furniture – competition organised by the Department of Urban Planning, Architecture and Conservation

The Department of Urban Planning, Architecture and Conservation of the Municipality of Gdańsk would like to invite you to participate in a competition for the design of original city furniture. For the information of those unfamiliar with the concept – „city furniture” means objects such as benches, flower pots, waste bins, or bicycle racks, but also smaller elements of city space, e.g. a parking meter, railing, tree cover, information board. The competition will consist of one stage, and it is open for all entrants, regardless of their education. The deadline for entries is 27 November. More information below. Take part!

The competition is organised by the Council of the City of Gdańsk represented by the Mayor of Gdańsk. The competition task consists in the design of a project of original set of contemporary city furniture that would suit the character of a particular type of space of the city.

Objects to include in the set of the designed furniture are as follows: bench/city chair, waste bin, bicycle rack, flower pot, fencing pole.

It is allowed to include also additional elements such as: seat, railing, tree cover, a cover for a technical box (electricity, gas etc.), lantern, bus stop shelter, bicycle shelter, information board, announcement pole, chess table, parking meter, as well as integrated – hybrid forms.

The competition consists of one stage and it is open to everyone. It is organised both for professionals, i.e. architects, designers, graphic designers, architecture and design studios, as well as for students of the above mentioned disciplines, and other individuals skilled at designing spatial forms.

Six money awards will be granted, three for both historic and contemporary sites. 1st award – 10.000 PLN gross, 2nd award – 7.500 PLN gross, 3rd award – 5.000 PLN gross.

An additional award is the placement of the designs in the Catalogue of the City Furniture of Gdańsk, together with the name of the designer. The first 50 copies of all types of furniture made according to the awarded designs will be permanently marked with the information stating the name of the designer (except of poles, bicycle racks, railings and tree covers).


Accordance with the character of a selected space of Gdańsk maximum 15 points, aesthetics and design maximum 50 points, ergonomics, functionality, durability, economic rationality maximum 35 points.

Competition entries should be submitted in person at the Municipality of Gdańsk, ul. Nowe Ogrody 8/12, 80-803 Gdańsk, residents services room, or send by registered letter or courier post to be delivered not later than on 27 November 2013 at 5.00 pm. The date of entry submission is hereby declared as the date when the Organiser is being delivered the entry at the address specified below:

Wydział Urbanistyki, Architektury i Ochrony Zabytków 
Urzędu Miejskiego w Gdańsku 
ul. Nowe Ogrody 8/12 
80-803 Gdańsk


Information on the competition procedures is provided by: 
Michał Szymański, Urząd Miejski w Gdańsku, Wydział Architektury, Urbanistyki i Ochrony Zabytków, tel.: 58 32 36 429, e-mail: 
and Jan Kołodziej, Urząd Miejski w Gdańsku, Wydział Architektury, Urbanistyki i Ochrony Zabytków, tel.: 58 323 64 28, e-mail: