We are pleased to spread the news that “Scent of Colour” by Carmen Einfinger will be on show in Broadway Gallery in New York from 1st to 15th April.

The Scent of Color by New York artist Carmen Einfinger won the first prize in the 3rd edition of the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk competition and will be realized at Dolna Square. The jury was convinced by Einfinger’s sensuous and colorful proposal, which will turn Dolna Square into a festive oasis redesigning the existing public service point (as the kiosk and the bus stop) and transforming the central alley into a garden with benches, birdhouses and a fountain.

Einfinger’s proposal is a strong and unique statement which will reshape Dolna Square into a joyful meeting points for families, friendly to the environment and inviting to rest and communicate. Her artistic gesture refers to the code of pop and youth culture. The artist was also inspired by the Kameralna Restaurant’s exuberant use of color and forma – one expression of Gdansk’s longing for aesthetically sophisticated environments. Einfinger also consciously refers to such famous artistic realizations in park spaces as Tarot Garden in Tuscany by Niki de Saint Phalle or Güell Park in Barcelona by Antoni Gaudí.

Carmen Einfinger about “Scent of Colour”:

I started to explore this concept of hope and rebirth as I thought of how the bus terminus meets the green space that connects the two main streets of Dolna Park. I wanted to commemorate this feeling— that the end of the line leads to the birth of something new. My project transforms the currently neglected and defunct Lower Town into a spatial experience of a crossroad—a moment of possibility that we can universally access through the unusual colour combinations and the archetypal forms. I wanted to change this park into one that is a creative force, turning loneliness and idleness into community action.

The first components of my project are the birdhouses in the trees, which to me signified such an essential element of the park as a doorway to the world. Most of the birdhouses will be placed high up on the trees. Some will be held by lamp posts on the ground. Then there are the kiosk, the bus stop and the fountain. Connecting these community components are again the archetypal forms of the pathway that match the forms of the birdhouses and which evoke a sense of unity and peace. The resulting space has an inclusive nature, where people of all ages and ethnicities will be drawn to. There would be a sense of wonder, and a feeling of harmony, beauty and playfulness that is signature to my desire to create art.

People will get excited by the colour. Bright colours are uplifting to the human spirit, and are especially appealing to the young. People will get excited by the sound. The sound of birds makes us more unified as human beings. People young and old will take this very satisfying spatial experience beyond the park and they will be inspired to explore the surrounding neighbourhood and Museum with this sense of positivity and local pride.

The experience of Scent of Colour will change with the seasons, drawing people to the site year round and serving as a constant reminder of the enduring power of rebirth. In summer, we have a vibrant cacophony of sound and spirit. In winter, the birdhouses will hang naked on the trees, offering hope amidst the grey desolation of the cold. The project will transform the end of a line (the Lower Town) into a beginning of something new, manifesting the spirit of possibility and rebirth that Gdansk is renowned for.

New York based British and American artist Carmen Einfinger was trained as a painter, but used a large variety of material and objects to paint on from the very beginning. Recently she produced outdoor pieces (paintings, sculptures and performances) in New York, Bejing, Taiwan and Italy involving the communities in the production process.

Einfinger’s work has manifested a singular personal vision, drawing on a diverse cross-section of cultures and styles to realize her wide range of visual and conceptual ideas. Einfinger is an intuitive artist who has developed a new and unique contribution to the art and culture of her times. Her extensive travels in Europe and Asia have been a major influence, releasing her from the usual conventions of art making. Her method is contemplative, meditative, and sanguine. She maintains a fantastical, exotic vision, even when dealing with the commonplace. The paradoxes in her work lie within the blurring of boundaries between interior and exterior, self and others, the physical and psychical, sustaining an extraordinary view into the ordinary.