OUTDOOR GALLERY – an exhibition in Kaliningrad

On 13th June we launch the exhibition MULTIANNUAL EXPERIENCE OF LAZNIA CCA IN THE FIELD OF ART IN PUBLIC SPACE presenting projects of The Outdoor Gallery of The City of Gdansk in the Art Platform „Vorota” w Kaliningrad. The exhibition is realised by NCCA Kaliningrad and Laznia CCA in a framework of the project «Close Stranger» co-financed by the European Union.

In the framework of the exhibition presented at Art Platform „Vorota” in Kaliningrad we wish to share our experience in the field of art in public space and to show the most significant realisations of the previous years as well as the awarded artworks waiting to be realized in the area of the Lower Town district in the near future. .

The Centre for Contemporary Art Laznia manages the project being a part of a broader scope of works aiming at revitalisation of the Lower Town and New Port districts, of areas abundant in historical edifices but at the same time isolated from the centre and degraded. The programmme of The Outdoor Gallery of The City of Gdansk is anticipated as a long-term plan and is supposed to build up a permanent collection of works of art in urban space and to realize artistic events, interventions, concerts and a broad range of educational activities. Urban space will be developed through years and the projects assigned for realisation will be chosen in regularly announced, closed, international competitions. All of these activities are supposed to initiate changes of the character of the district where Laznia is based and to make the area more attractive for the visitors.

The exhibition is realized in a framework of the project «Close Stranger: promoting mutual understanding between population of Gdansk, Kaliningrad and Klaipeda through facilitation of exchange in the field of contemporary arts and culture». Program is co-financed by the European Union.

Address: Art Platform “Vorota”, Kaliningrad, Litovsky Val, 61
Date: 13 – 29 June 2014
Opening: 13 June 2014
Curator: Anna Szynwelska


01-Sztuka w przestrzeni publicznej_fot.M.Zygmunt-sm

02-Sztuka w przestrzeni publicznej_fot.M.Zygmunt_sm

04-Sztuka w przestrzeni publicznej_fot.M.Zygmunt-sm

07-Sztuka w przestrzeni publicznej_fot.M.Zygmunt_sm

10-Sztuka w przestrzeni publicznej_fot.M.Zygmunt_sm

08-Sztuka w przestrzeni publicznej_fot.M.Zygmunt-sm

11-Sztuka w przestrzeni publicznej_fot.M.Zygmunt_sm