On 6 July the Jury of the International Competition of the “Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk” gathered in CCA Laznia in order to judge the projects submitted to the competition. The following members of the Jury participated in the meeting:

1) Enrico Lunghi, director of Mudam Luxemburg, Luxemburg

2) Jacek Dominiczak, lecturer at the Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts, Poland

3) Bettina Steinbrügge, curator, Artistic Director of Andersen’s Contemporary, Berlin, Germany

4) Adam Budak, curator, Museum-Joanneum in Graz, Austria

5) Norbert Weber, Member of the international experts’ committee of the Latvian Contemporary Art Museum (Riga)

6) Julia Draganovic, curator, former Artistic Director of Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Naples, Italy

7) Jadwiga Charzynska, Director of “Laznia” Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk, Poland

And jury-experts:

1) Izabela Burda, architect, Department of Revitalisation and Town Planning of the City of Gdansk

2) Magdalena Koprowska, architect, Gdansk Development Office

The Jury discussed and judged competition entries sent to LAZNIA CCA by the following artists:

Fred Hatt / Daniel Schlaepfer, (Switzerland)

Miks Mitrevics, (Latvia)

Tommi Grönlund / Petteri Nisunen, (Finland)

Fernando Sanchez Castillo (Spain)

Marco Godinho, (Luxemburg)

Ivan Moudov, (Bulgaria)

Carmen Einfinger, (UK/USA)

AGREST Group, (Poland)

Su-Mei Tse (Luxemburg) due to other artistic commitments and realized projects had to resign from participation in the competition.
All the projects submitted to the competition were characterised by their international, high artistic level, which made the choice very difficult. After all day long session, vital discussion and careful examination of the space assigned for the competition the members of the Jury have decided to award the following projects:

1st Prize and indication for realisation in Dolna Street and the equivalent of €5000 gross: “Scent of Colour” by Carmen Einfinger

1st Honorary Mention and the equivalent of €3000 gross: “Amber Drops” by Fred Hatt and Daniel Schlaepfer

2nd Honorary Mention and the equivalent of €1500 gross: “Leader Swing” by Fernando Sanchez Castillo

(the Jury were immensely impressed by the sculpture by Fernando Sanchez Castillo but it turned out that the piece wouldn’t fit in Dolna Street – that’s why they decided to appoint another localization in Lower Town at the corner of Sluzy and Wrobla Street next to Laznia CCA for the piece to be erected)

Justification of the verdict:

“The Scent of Color” by New York artist Carmen Einfinger won the first prize of the Outdoor Gallery competition and will be realized at Dolna Square: the jury was convinced by Einfinger’s sensuous ad colorful proposal which will turn Dolna square into a festive oasis redesigning the existing public service point (as the kiosk and the bus stop) and transforming the central alley into a garden with benches, bird houses and a fountain. Einfinger’s proposal is a strong and unique statement which will reshape Dolna Square into a joyful meeting points for families, friendly to the environment and inviting to rest and communicate. Her artistic gesture refers to the code of pop and youth culture. The artist was inspired by the Kameralna Restaurant’s exuberant use of color and forma – one expression of Gdansk’s longing for aesthetically sophisticated environments.

The first honorary mention was awarded to the project “Amber Drops” by Fred Hatt and Daniel Schlaepfer for its subtle reference to the importance of amber in building of Gdansk identity as well as for their elegant and minimalistic way of dealing with the aesthetics of public square

The sculpture „Leader swing” by Fernando Sanchez Castillo which was awarded with the second honorary mention turns a powerful monument of an anonymous hero to a swing for children. With humor and irony, the artist comments on both the tradition of the heroisation and the absurd destruction of the symbols like it that usually happens during dramatic political changes. His act of transformation brings acceptance and hope.

All submitted projects will be on display in Laznia CCA. The official opening of the exhibition will take place on 21 August and it will be combined with a presentation of prizes to the competition winners at CCA Laznia.