Support the publication “Fight Specific Isola”!

We start new year with a crowdfunding campaign to support the publication Fight Specific Isola, which Bert Theis and Mariette Schiltz have been working on feverishly in the last months.

It would be wonderful, if you could contribute some time – and some money! – to this initiative, which serves to fund the production and distribution of the book of Bert Theis – an artist, who is now part of the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk and his publication touches all the sensitive spots.

Every contribution counts, most of all as kickstarter has one limit: your credit card will only be charged (and Isola Art Center will only get money), if we reach the target amount of 5,500 $ by March 8th, 2013. Otherwise all our common efforts will be in vain.

The procedure is quite simple, you just need a couple of minutes and your credit card. Then click on the following link:
Don’t miss the video that is linked to the opening photo!
Chose one of the benefits you would like to receive and sign up as Site Specific Isola’s backer.

But that is NOT going to happen, as the cause is important and the book serves (beyond the fact that it contains the history of Isola Art Center) as a great resource of thoughts, documents and ideas. And, last but not least, we are a strong group of supporters, aren’t we?

It’s worth pointing out that it’s only Bert Theis and Mariette Schiltz who are working on this book, but a lot of people like Chiara Figone, Paolo Caffoni, Andrea Scarabelli, Aria Spinelli, Angelo Castucci, Maddalena Fragnito, Elena Mantoni, Elvira Vannini, Antonio Brizioli, Antonella Gozzi, Carmelo Mutalipassi, Michele Sacerdoti and many others. They are making the book in the same collective way they do everything.

It would be wonderful, if you could help to spread the word about this crowdfunding initiative, by letting your friends and colleagues know about it and using your social networking tools.