SPACEFEST! workshop in Nowy Port

In the first week of December in Laznia 2 CCA – Art Education Centre in Gdansk a 4-day workshop for Polish and foreign musicians will be held. The artists inspired by the atmosphere and surrounding of Nowy Port district will compose a unique music material which then will be performed live at the concert in Gdansk. This year’s workshop will be run by Mark Gardener, the lead singer, guitar player and a songwriter for the band Ride.

Just like in the past years, the programme of the workshop will be curated and co-created by a famous sax player Ray Dickaty (ex-Spiritualized) and a multi instrumentalist from Tricity – Karol Schwarz (KSAS) – the head of Nasiono Records. 7 musicians from Poland and abroad are going to be invited to take part in the workshop: both those on the threshold of their musical breakthrough and artists with more considerable experience. The main idea behind the workshop is to create an international instrumental collective Pure Phase Ensemble that will compose the music material to be presented to the public at SpaceFest! Through workshop improvisation the musicians will arrive at a joint artistic vision resulting in a set of unique songs. The live material from the concert is going to be recorded and then published on CD in 2015.

The project realised by Laznia CCA and Nasiono Association – „SpaceFest!” – proves that music activities should not only provide a short span entertainment, but they should also educate, integrate, entwine with fine arts and performance. They should also create conditions for an exchange of experience between young and more experienced artists. On the other hand, setting the workshops and concerts in the area of the Lower Town or Nowy Port districts helps to revitalise these places, activate its citizens, make the area more attractive culture-wise for the outsiders – people from different quarters of Gdansk or even from other cities. The participants get familiar with Laznia CCA’s activities and at the samme time get to know the revitalised district better.




fot. Paweł Jóźwiak

The SpaceFest! festival is organised by Nasiono Association in cooperation with Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art and with the support of the City of Gdańsk. The workshop is realised by Laznia CCA in the framework of the Outdoor Gallery of The City of Gdansk project supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.