Art is Looking for You – Education Programme for Spring / Summer 2013

ART is LOOKING for YOU are multi-disciplinary educational and artistic events realized in Center for Contemporary Arts Laznia in the LKW Gallery – a workshop studio located in a lorry in the Lower Town district – and in New Port district.

Activities focus on the transformation of the urban structures and development of local communities during the series of workshops: “City Metamorphoses”, “Summer Camp in LKW Gallery” and “Outside Inside”. Project assumes activation of local communities in Lower Town and New Port, to encourage them to cooperate with CCA Łaźnia and to achieve a positive transformation of inhabitants on the field of education, architecture and socio-cultural.

Outside – Inside

Outside-Inside is a five-month series of art workshops and lectures combined with a tour of the exhibitions currently at the Łaźnia CCA and other cultural institutions. An additional chance to meet will be provided by workshops with graphic artist Tomasz Pawluczuk, who will help participants create a unique guide to art for the blind. Participants will acquire skills in the efficient use of the written and spoken word. Meanwhile, the artist will engage in graphic play with the written word printed in Braille. Advice on how to properly prepare graphic designs for the blind will be provided by an experienced typhlographer – Marek Jakubowski.

Summer camp in LKW Gallery

Summer camp combines a series of interdisciplinary education and artistic activities, carried out in an outdoor studio LKW Gallery – lorry blocked under a bridge in the district of Lower City. During summer holiday it will become an artistic studio for several artist, who will involve residents in creative events. Workshops and activities will encourage inhabitants to making improvement in their surrounding and revitalize the neglected district. In this year events in LKW Gallery will be realized as a half day camp. For two weeks, participants are going to find an answers to the question: If you could, what would you change / create in the Lower City?
Summer camp in LKW Gallery consists of several workshops:

LKW Gallery_fot.B.Secke

Workshops at LKW Gallery, photo: Basia Secke

• Architectural workshops Through The Looking Glass
During the course, the participants are going to focus into local heritage and call up the stories associated with the district. By using the pictures, views and stories they will try to create a space for life in an original and creative way. They are going to document all the impressions on the artistic works.

• Art and drama workshops Shadow Over Shadows

Participants will be encouraged to make interaction with colleagues during the creation of a paratheatrical spectacle based on Andersen’s novel “Shadow”. Through several exercises with words, gesture and body language they are going to make an interpretation of Andersen’s work.

• Recycling workshops Second Life of Objects

Participants of the workshop will re-arrange the area around the LKW Gallery. Using recycled materials and wood, they are going to create tables, lamps and chairs. All the objects will be simple design, aesthetics, functionality and ease to use. During activities children are going to learn about creative re-using of waste and they will find out about the recycling.


Recycling workshops, photo: Basia Secke

• Landscape architecture workshops To See Again

It’s a city game, where participants will meet with the specific regional landscape and architecture of the Lower City. Through logical tasks and puzzles they will activate their imagination to create a new architectural solution for their district.

• Workshop with elements of laughter therapy Positive Transformation

Participants will try to improve Lower City district and encourage residents to take an active part in the life of local community. They will use laughter and fun, animation courses, social activities and realize a “positive street festival”.

• Music workshops Listen, Something is Growing in the Metal

During the workshop participants will experiment with a slide projector, creating pictures of the shadows of various objects and plant reflected on the wall from. Every image will receive an individual musical soundtrack – with accompaniment of guitar and simple instruments made by children from plastic bottles, foil, sticks and metal objects.

City Metamorphoses

City Metamorphoses is series of workshops taking place from April to October, creating a real changes in the city, involving the local community in the transformation of their neighborhood. Through the activities, participants will lead sustainable transformation in the urban structure and create a the positive mental changes among the residents of New Port district.

Art Space – a set of courses that will educate children, youth and adults in the field of design and urban architecture. The final result of the workshop will be sustainable changes in local landscape.

• Workshops Urban Garden in the Lower City

Residents of the Lower City, together will design “Urban Garden”. They are going to use urban wasteland (unused terrace tower, forgotten quarter of a ground) for ranching vegetables and edible plants. During three meetings, the participants will prepare: the concept of the garden, their own garden box on the window sill or balcony, and finally: garden based on elected project.

Projekt PoCoPodwórko, fot. Basia Secke

Urban design workshops, photo: Basia Secke

• Design Workshop School with an Idea

Project invites the schools, which will arrange the spaces of their institutions with design items, characterizing with the original form and functionality. During the courses, children are going to learn about design and create unique projects (eg: container of chewing gum).

• Workshop The Fun Yard

Workshop will be an opportunity to create a space for fun and relax in the backyard in the New Port district. During the two meetings, the participants are going to make up the concept of the playground, combined with green elements (like an edible garden). With the help of designers and contractors, children will materialize their vision in “the fun yard”.

Arts Development

Series of workshops focused on education in area of arts and culture, that will activate children to think more independently and to work more creatively.

• Global education workshop Right to Water

Through a series of workshops, participants will learn about the scale of the problems arising from the lack of access to water in the Global South. They’re going to realize how important is to save the water on the local level. During the three workshops the younger participants will get know a story ‘Mill and Water “, the young people will learn interesting facts about the global water resources by the method “Making Discoveries” and finally: they will take part in “The City Game”. Exercises, tasks and puzzles will establish the existing buildings and the urban-port structure, which will allow to look at their own neighborhood from a different perspective.

• Workshops on the history and theory of cinema Magic of Cinema

During five courses, children and young people will learn about a number of issues related to the history of cinema. They will get to know how cinema was created, they will trace the history of the inventions that led to origin of cinema. They will look at the photographs and the first moving images, and get to know the principle of action cinematography. From the theory they will go to practice and they’re going to construct optical toys like zoetrope, or flipbook. On the other workshops children will look onto soundtracks in silent movies and learn how to give tones to films, or find out: who was the taper? Trainers will introduce them to the history of horror cinema and science-fiction films. Finally, participants will look at the art of cinema and film workshop.

Projekt PoCoPodwórko, fot. Basia Secke

Urban design workshops, photo: Basia Secke

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Project supported by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland wiithin the framework of the Cultural Education programme