Meeting of international team of culture educators in Gdansk

On 11-13th January at Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdańsk a meeting of education specialists from other institutions from Russia and Lithuania participating in the international project „Close Stranger” was held. They have shared their knowledge and experience about exhibitions “9000 km”, “The Meetings” and on the subject of art in public space.

During the three days of workshops participants were taking part in cultural education process and development of new, currently relevant forms of such process. They were touring around Gdansk seeking for Art in Public Space. They were sightseeing the Lower Town district, watching the installations of The Outdoor Gallery of The City of Gdańsk. On the next day they visited Young City District (Shipyard), former Artist Colony and a studio of Agata Nowosielska, Polish artist participating in Close Stranger Residence Programme.

Within workshops we conducted several lectures:
- Presentation and summary of the activities within Telling the Baltic Exhibition in Klaipeda by Rasma Noreikyte and Valerija Lebedeva.
- Presentation of the materials of the exhibition “9000 km” (Zinaida Shershun)
- Presentation of the materials of the exhibition “The Meetings” (Aleksandra Tatarczuk and Zinaida Shershun).

Participants were working on the development of the educational program for the exhibitions and they were trying to work out on the form of evaluation “Close Stranger” educational issues. The displays within the framework of this project will be opened in Gdansk in January, in April in Klaipeda and in June in Kaliningrad.

Partners institutions were represented by: Aleksandra Mrozowska (Deputy Manager of Education Department in Laznia CCA), Aleksandra Tatarczuk (curator of education in Laznia CCA), Bogusława Gontarz (Coordinator of Educational Project in Laznia CCA), Zinaida Shershun (staff scientist of the Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad, Russia), Evgenij Umansky (curator of the Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad, Russia), Rasma Noreikytė (cultural manager of cultural activities in Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre, Lithuania) and Valerija Lebedeva (Press officer Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre, Lithuania).