The unveiling of KRYSTIAN “TRUTH” CZAPLICKI’s sculpture and concerts by ASIA I KOTY / SONIA PISZE PIOSENKI

On Saturday, 19 July 2014, an unusual event took place on the shore of Opływ Motławy, next to the Wyskok Redoubt. As part of the Lower Town Speaks cycle, a sculpture by Krystian “Truth” Czaplicki was unveiled, while Sonia Pisze Piosenki and Asia i Koty played for the numerous attendees. Between the concerts, the microphone was handed over to children from Lower Town who were keen to present their unique interpretations of popular songs.

The evening passed in a nice and friendly atmosphere among the lush greenery of the Lower Town bastions. The event gathered both the youngest and the elderly inhabitants of the district as well as visitors, artists from Gdańsk and other Polish cities. Music and art broke all barriers here. We gave a voice to persons, objects and places usually deprived of it.


Krystian “Truth” Czaplicki is an artist who creates subtle works that naturally blend in with their surroundings. Through his landing net-cum-fishing rod placed in the water, next to the shore of the bastion area, he paid homage to Lower Town inhabitants who like to spend their free time there, for example fishing. The unusual form of the sculpture invited visitors to offer their interpretations, reflections, ask questions and talk to the artist. Some invented new functions and applications for the object, sharing their ideas with its author. In a short introduction during the inauguration of the event, Czaplicki told the audience about his inspirations and feelings related to the location of the sculpture.


The presentation of the work was followed by two concerts. SONIA PISZE PIOSENKI [Sonia writes songs], the first vocalist of the evening, sang, played the guitar and easily connected with the crowd, sharing stories about waffles, the beach and her first unhappy love. She charmed the listeners with her voice, unassuming songs and sincerity – to that extent that even children from Lower Town dared to sing a couple of songs for the audience, without any rehearsal. Singing is for everyone… and when it happens so spontaneously, it brings joy and liberation.


ASIA I KOTY [Asia and the Cats] came on right after the kids, but without the cats – as was rightly noted by a voice from the crowd. Bringing an entirely different aesthetics, Asia changed the atmosphere yet again. Straight from charming kids’ antics, the audience was transported to the realm of an introverted artist, locked in her own world, in which she feels good and comfortable, albeit lonely. Again we heard the guitar, this time accompanied by a piano; it was slowly getting dark, the lights lit up, the mood became atmospheric.


After the concerts and another show by children from Lower Town, Anna Szynwelska, the curator of the event, thanked the guests for coming and invited them to other upcoming attractions from the Lower Town Live cycle. The Lower Town will speak up again on 26 July, 20 and 29 August – and we hope that the local inhabitants will join us again.


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Event organised by Łaźnia CCA as part of the OUTDOOR GALLERY OF THE CITY OF GDAŃSK
Co-financed from the funds of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage















photos by: Paweł Jóźwiak