The book “Art and Public Space” is published!

We present you the latest book published by Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art Art and Public Space. This publication is a recording and material proof of the first symposium of the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdańsk which took place on 26 February 2011 in Gdańsk.

The symposium, entitled Art and Public Space, was the first attempt at reflecting on the actions of the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdańsk, which resonate on an international scale. Not only it’s member-jurors were in attendance. The event attracted artists, advisors and supporters of this enterprise as well as representatives of the Pomerania Metropolitan Rail, whose participation heralded the next (fifth) edition of the Gallery’s competition.

Speeches given by members of the jury and the Gallery’s advisors, which form the gist of the present publication, demonstrate the various aspects of the presence of art in the public space, touching upon the problems and challenges created by this difficult and fascinating relationship. Their common context was a specific area of the city: the squalid Dolne Miasto district surrounding Laznia and actions undertaken there. It is precisely there that the artworks selected in the first four editions of the closed international competition are being implemented. Some of them that had remained in the sphere of plans during the symposium, have already been realised. New ones are going to follow soon, putting into practice the theoretical assumptions of the coexistence of art and the public space: space used not only by art lovers visiting the Laznia CCA, but also – perhaps most importantly – by the local inhabitants.

The publication is enriched by texts, which, albeit not directly connected with the symposium, pertain to the transformations which occur due to the mutual relationship between the public space and art shown there. Jadwiga Charzyńska’s text Artistic Transgression in the Public Space provides a broader look at Laznia CCA as an institution that enters into dialogue with its immediate surroundings. The two remaining texts describe the functioning of art and creative actions in the public space of other Polish cities: Łódź, where the described examples are initiated by the Museum of Art (Marta Madejska, EXPLORING, READING AND ORGANISING THE CITY, or an ecological experiment in Łódź) and Warsaw, where some of the most discussed – both by the art circles and the general public – works of art in the public space appeared in the course of the last few years (Joanna Erbel, On how art in public space became a key space for the fight for a better life in the city and then ceased to be it).

This publication sums up the eight years of the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdańsk’s work and looks for solutions for the future. We present this book to you in the hope that it will encourage everyone interested in the subject to engaging in joint effort and dialogue.

Authors of the texts: Jacek Dominiczak, Enrico Lunghi, Julia Draganovic, Jiyoon Lee, Joanna Orlik, Halina Taborska, Jadwiga Charzyńska, Marta Madejska i Joanna Erbel

Edited by: Jacek Dominiczak, Kamila Wielebska i Anna Szynwelska

The publication is available in Laznia CCA bookstore