THE CITY LIVE – 2015 programme

In the summer, as part of the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdańsk, Łaźnia CCA would like to invite you to a series of musical and artistic events taking place in non-standard locations: on yards, outside the walls of galleries or concert halls. In the past, they took place only in Dolne Miasto – starting from this year, this will also be Nowy Port as well as the Night of Museums and Kupala Night.

The project invites artists whose interventions in the public space and performances have the potential to interest not just the local inhabitants, but also guests from other parts of the city or visitors to Gdańsk. The aim of the project is to create places that would inspire local communities to meet, revive Dolne Miasto and Nowy Port, overcome the existing stereotypes, foster an interest in contemporary art and music in accidental passers-by and encourage them to take part in artistic events more often.


16.05.2015, 8:00 pm
Venue: Nowy Port, yard of Łaźnia 2 CCA, ul. Strajku Dokerów 5
T’ien Lai – an organic and synthetic dance quartet (Bydgoszcz/Toruń/Gdańsk) – was formed in 2012 by Łukasz Jędrzejczak (So Slow, Alameda 5) and Kuba Ziołek (Stara Rzeka, Innercity Ensemble) as a result of looking for new formulas of meditative electronic and electroacoustic music. In early 2015 T’ien Lai became a quartet. The band was joined by Rafał Kołacki (Hati, Innercity Ensemble, Mammoth Ulthana) and Mikołaj Zieliński (Alameda 3, Alameda 5, Rara) on African percussion and percussive instruments. Jędrzejczak and Ziołek returned to purely synthetic sounds, which are contrasted with the organic sound of percussion during concerts. Consequently, their music oscillates between quasi-shamanic trances, raw, almost industrial rhythmic electronica and pastiches of contemporary techno. The quartet plays and improvises live, without the use of computers.

472a5e546a5036bc4ac66741ca3ed446def8d5fb!2120904-625px T’ien Lai, official presspack

19.06.2015, 9:30 pm | Nowy Port (Kupala Night)
Wovoka is a musical tribute to forgotten trance cultures. Formed in 2012, it borrowed its name from the great Indian, mystic and author of the “Ghost Dance”. The idea behind the band is finding a link between a typical rock’n’roll line-up and the ancient source of this music. In terms of style, blues is intertwined with music of the Indians and psychedelia with music of cannibals from Papua New Guinea – believing in one root joining all engaged music, the band turn to primeval cultures to ask them about contemporary music. Wovoka made a record with gospel pieces in their own arrangement, released in August 2013 as Trees against the Sky (Lado ABC). Their second album was released in 2015.

10574457_625px Wovoka, official presspack

27.06.2015, 7 pm
Venue: Nowy Port, yard of Łaźnia 2 CCA, ul. Strajku Dokerów 5
Musician and producer from Szczecin. Currently lives and works in Tricity. Together with Robert Piernikowski he created the SYNY duo. After the recently published, widely acclaimed ORIENT, 88 began working on a solo album. We’re talking about the same quality trademark as Syny here: original, world-class production, honest hip-hop dirt, deep echoes of dub and the stench of analogue electronics. The atmosphere is so dense that it evokes vivid images, blurring the line between music and film.

1988 by Martyna Modzelewska (1)-625px 1988, photo by Martyna Modzelewska

27.06.2015, 8.30 pm
Venue: Nowy Port, yard of Łaźnia 2 CCA, ul. Strajku Dokerów 5
The Shipyard formed in 2011 in the middle of Tricity, but soon began to extend further. They are fuelled by the smell of the sea and the sound of bending port steel. Although the group’s debut album We Will Sea (Nasiono Records), hailed as the album of the year by many journalists (including Piotr Stelmach from Polish Radio 3), revealed new-wave and post-punk inclinations, the current incarnation of the group is more related to guitar-based crossover. In 2014 The Shipyard released their second album entitled Water on Mars; the EP So Much to Win was played on most non-commercial Polish radio stations. In the autumn of 2015 they are going to release another record, this time containing mostly songs sung in Polish. The band consists of musicians known from such projects as Made In Poland, Sound Of Pixies, Heart & Soul, Vulgar and Kiev Office. This Shipyard is capable of launching musical torpedoes made-to-measure for the 21st century. Their concerts are explosive, which may be witnessed in only one way: live. /

Bez nazwy The Shipyard, , photo by Ala Nago

18.07.2015, 8 pm
Miejsce: Venue: Dolne Miasto (Opływ Motławy, near the Bastions at Reduta Wilk and Kurza streets)
Bobby The Unicorn is recorded in a private home studio. Throughout the first year of activity, Bobby played several dozen shows, while the recordings – practically without any promotion – went to the top of Polish listens on Bandcamp. The beginning in 2012 was pure coincidence, satiating curiosity. The first year of concert activity concluded on the stage of a certain festival in Gdynia, where the decision was made to record the album Utopia. The debut album Utopia was released by Thin Man Records on 23 May 2014.

140216_Bobby_0022_625px Bobby The Unicorn, official presspack

1.08.2015, 8 pm
Venue: Dolne Miasto (Opływ Motławy, near the Bastions at Reduta Wilk and Kurza streets)
This is what the band have to say about themselves: “Our music is often described as ‘indie-pop’. However, we feel obliged to specify that we use this label in a rather arbitrary fashion and we cannot guarantee to anyone that ‘indie-pop’ is what they’re gonna hear in our music. Apparently other things you can hear is a lot of post-rock and independent American guitar scene. We formed Wilga in 2012. At first, we imposed a somewhat excessive discipline and worked for a long time in our studio in Niedźwiednik (Gdańsk) before we decided to confront ourselves with the audience. It seems that the lengthy preparation paid off. All in all, we started to love playing gigs and we now think that they’re the best form of communicating with the listener. We have particularly fond memories of our performances at Aix-en-Provence in the south of France as part of the Stage Europe Network programme and at Soundrive 2013 and Streetwaves 2014 festivals in Gdańsk. The concert we played at Radio Gdańsk’s Janusz Hajdun studio – which was broadcast live – deserves a separate mention. In October 2014 we self-published our debut album”.

Wilga_DSC_5397a-625px Wilga, official presspack

28.08.2015, 8 pm
Venue: Dolne Miasto (Opływ Motławy, near the Bastions at Reduta Wilk and Kurza streets)
Wild Books formed in 2012 in Warsaw. Initially, it was a solo project. A year later, as a duo, they recorded their album in a countryside hut – it was released in early 2014 on tape and CD by Instant Classic and on tape by Gafas del Rigor Tapes. This year was re-release their album on vinyl and they plan to put out an EP with new material, which is already played live. They like DIY, punk, psychedelia and noise.

11263743_1625px Wild Books, photo by Kasia Gwarda

8.09.2015, 8 pm
Venue: Dolne Miasto, Łaźnia CCA (ul. Jaskółcza 1, Gdańsk)
White Hills’ core members are guitarist Dave W. and bassist Ego Sensation. Dave W. is the primary singer, but Ego Sensation also contributes vocals, and sings lead on some songs. Many of their songs are long instrumental pieces. Dave W. played every instrument himself on White Hills’ debut album. Current and previous auxiliary (recording / touring) members include: Antronhy (drums, various instruments), Nick Name (drums), Bob Bellomo (drums), Daved Pankenier, Kid Millions, Shazzula, and Pierre Auntour. The band is known for its prolific output, releasing recordings on many independent labels, often on vinyl only. They have released several split recordings with the U.K. band Gnod. White Hills’ live shows feature dramatic lighting and the usage of a fog machine. They have shared stages with bands such as MONO, The Flaming Lips, Sleepy Sun, Cloudland Canyon, Mudhoney, Akron/Family, Monster Magnet, Oneida, and Pontiak. White Hills play themselves in the upcoming Jim Jarmusch film Only Lovers Left Alive, performing their 2007 song “Under Skin Or By Name” at a Detroit music club. This past July. The band first worked with Jarmusch at the ATP festival in Monticello, NY September 2010 when he asked them to perform at the festival he was curating alongside The Stooges, Boris, Sonic Youth and Sunn O.

white hills-625px

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