THE CITY SPEAKS – walking tours with Karolina Pochwatka

A unique walk around Gdańsk accompanied by a guide who knows the deepest secrets of the city is a great alternative to routine tours. What are the secrets hidden in individual districts, what are the stories associated with them? CCA Łaźnia would like to invite you to walking tours with Karolina Pochwatka as part of The City Speaks cycle.

The main objective of the walking tours is to present those districts of Gdańsk that are situated beyond the general scope of interest. The project is aimed at both local inhabitants and visitors to the city. During the walking tours, you will be able to get to know the history of the given district and jointly discover those out-of-the-way parts of Gdańsk.

The main focus will be on Dolne Miasto, Nowy Port and neighbouring districts. These places, despite their interesting history, are regarded as “difficult”, dangerous or even infamous. Through a series of guided trips, showcasing not only the historical past, but also the charming nooks and crannies of each district, we will try to change their perception, make them more interesting, draw attention to these places, and promote knowledge about them. The schedule of each tour will be prepared by Karolina Pochwatka – a charismatic guide who knows the most interesting places in Gdańsk, as well as stories and anecdotes related to them. The walking tours will be held from May until September.

Guide: Karolina Pochwatka

The City Speaks – walking tour dates:

19 June – Nowy Port (7 pm – meeting at the square at Starowiślna Street, next to the information tent)

11 July – Dolne Miasto (5 pm – meeting at the Łaźnia CCA, crossing of Jaskółcza and Śluza streets)

25 July – Biskupia Górka

15 August – Nowy Port

5 September – Orunia Dolna

19 September – Wrzeszcz Górny

PLEASE NOTE: The meeting times and places will be provides successively.




Project is co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.