LKW GALLERY, or holidays in a lorry

We are halfway through the Holiday Meetings with Art at the LKW Gallery. On account of the nature of its work, the LKW Gallery is a pioneer project in Tricity. Its original take on the animation of culture in Lower Town makes it all the more vital. During this year’s holidays, this workshop space offers various development opportunities for children.

By combining theory and practice, authors of workshops organised as part of the (In)dispensable Art project want to develop children’s competence in critical and aesthetic thinking, encourage them to look for their inner artist and stimulate their personal growth.

Culinary workshops Is It Any Good? prepared by Judyta Warzecha combined the yummy and the useful, that is consumption with practical knowledge as to how to quickly prepare a healthy and nutritious meal. Children began to understand how a balanced diet may affect their psychophysical health.

Aleksandra Sawik’s workshop I’m Not Growing Out of Art, focusing on education and contemporary art problems, was aimed at improving manual skills and explaining various questions related to art and its development. The workshops also included philosophical talks given by Monika Górska which encompassed the following subjects: who is an artist, what is social responsibility, is graffiti a language, does perception have history. Paradoxically, the younger the children were, the better they understood abstract concepts – contrary to older children. The philosophical touch was aimed at teaching the young artists to ask questions that lead to exhaustive answers.


In turn, the main aim of Aleksandra Pasińska’s music workshops A Piece of Music – Elements, Creation, Imitation was to shape positive motivations towards music, provide direct contact with music in the form of various musical activities, acquire characteristics that enable to create even the simplest forms of music and educate music listeners.

During the art therapy workshop Hey, ME! conducted by Dorota Hajduk, children were introduced to the subject of continuously getting to know oneself, discovering one’s personality, talents, skills and character traits, functioning within a group, overcoming difficulties and finding the courage to tackle obstacles.

Project workshop My Ci Ty conducted by Agata Kamińska provided participants with the opportunity to create a “mosaic of the Lower Town”, that is a mental map depicting the district in the eyes of children.

During Arkadiusz Dziczka’s photographic workshop entitled A Box for Photographs, children built their own cameras and tried their hand at the so-called pinhole photography. Monika Górska talked to the children about the way we see things, whether perception has history and whether photography documents the world or rather creates a new one. A film was also made, focusing on the questions of art and creation as seen by children, which will premiere soon….

Timetable of the remaining workshops:

Film workshop Small Experimental Film Lab
Date: 18.08 – 22.08.2014
Authors: Agnieszka Koperniak, Tomasz Solich
Participants: children aged 7 to 15
Literary works, experimental films, radio dramas and walks around the city will give rise to a multi- dimensional visual and sound work.

Architecture and construction workshop Recycled (Super)Hero
Date: 25.08 – 29.08.2014
Author: Tomasz Pater
Participants: children aged 5 to 15
Recycling and upcycling art classes in the spirit of Marcel Duchamp. Using waste materials such as milk carton, used bus ticket or old newspaper, the participants are going to create their own heroes, who are then going to be animated on film storyboards created during the workshop.

Closing of the Holiday Meetings with Art at the LKW Gallery
Date: 30.08.2014, 12.00 – 15.00
Venue: LKW Gallery (lorry stuck at Szopy street in Gdańsk)
The workshops take place until 29 August, from 10:00 to 15:00

All workshops are free!











The (In)dispensable Art project is co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage as part of the Cultural Education programme