21.08.2009 at 7 p.m.

„Dolne Miasto OST” is the second album by Tricity based group Towary Zastępcze. “Ciche Dni” exploited specific, melancholic poetic convention; “Dolne Miasto OST” (the soundtrack for a non-existent film, starring Bronislaw Cieslak as Philip Marlowe) is the subsequent step in playing with conventions. It is a concept album merged in the atmosphere of a classic criminal, a film noir. In the first scene a beautiful, dead woman appears – found on a bank of a port canal – between land and water, between life and death. The story told on the album by three voices is a story of searching – for identity of the victim, for crime motives, and eventually for the killer himself…

The content of the new album is strictly subject to the story told and it escapes classification: sharp guitar riffs intertwine with dreamy, ambient psychedelics, dancing tunes, classic blues and musical-box sounds of a fairground.
The concert in CCA Laznia will be a unique chance to hear the whole „Dolne Miasto OST” album live.

The concert is a part of the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk project.