On 19 July, an unusual event is going to take place in Gdańsk’s Dolne Miasto district, on the shore of Opływ Motławy near the Wyskok Redoubt – unveiling Krystian “Truth” Czaplicki’s sculpture and 2 concerts from the Dolne Miasto Live series: Asia i Koty and Sonia pisze piosenki.

The temporary installation by Krystian “Truth” Czaplicki has been planned for implementation as part of the temporary projects conducted by the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdańsk, which are complementary to the large, permanent artistic endeavours – works of art selected by an international jury that have become part of the Dolne Miasto landscape.

Each year the Łaźnia CCA invites young Polish and foreign artists to perform their artistic interventions in the public space within the OGCG framework. The selected artists can already boast considerable achievements in the art world, publications and art projects realized in cooperation with cultural institutions in Poland and abroad.

Last year it was Konrad Smoleński, who performed a two-day “Sound Bombing” of Dolne Miasto with his group BNNT ( This event became part of the official closing of the artist’s solo exhibition at Łaźnia CCA. The same year, Smoleński also represented Poland at the Art Biennale in Venice.

In 2014, we wanted to invite KRYSTIAN “TRUTH” CZAPLICKI to the Outdoor Gallery, one of the most interesting representatives of the young generation of artists working in the public space. Czaplicki’s interventions are distinctly different from the omnipresent street art. His subtle works naturally blend in with the surrounding area, entering it as if by osmosis, and do not constitute a foreign element trying to dominate the space. Rather than “shouting”, they enter into a dialogue with the space they inhabit. Furthermore, they are characterised by a solid intellectual foundation, a sense for the aesthetic and predilection for nonsense humour. Interestingly enough, Czaplicki’s works are appreciated both by expert art critics and average passers-by, who do not witness contemporary art on a regular basis. However, these installations are often so subtle that – as the artist himself noted in an interview for “Generally most passers-by are too busy to see my works. Only the more inquisitive ones that are curious enough to notice what’s going on around in their neighbourhoods become aware of them” . (

fot. Edyta Jezierska_625px Krystian “Truth” Czaplicki, photo by Edyta Jezierska

Krystian Czaplicki came to Gdańsk in April 2014 for a study visit, during which he acquainted himself with the Dolne Miasto district. What seduced and inspired him the most were the green areas of the bastions and Opływ Motławy. The work he proposed refers to the specific nature of this space, may well become its natural part and pays tribute to the inhabitants who spend their free time there, for example fishing (sometimes using self-made rods and landing nets).

The choice made by “Truth” proved to be accurate, as one of the main objectives of the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdańsk is to draw the attention of Gdańsk inhabitants to the areas of bastions and fortifications that were revitalised several years ago. Permanent and temporary interventions by OGCG are to encourage inhabitants and tourists alike to cross the invisible border between Główne Miasto and Dolne Miasto and experience the charm of these incredible green areas more often. Locating Krystian Czaplicki’s work there will be another in the series of such signposts.

The sculpture will be exhibited only during the summer and then will be transferred to the Łaźnia CCA collection. At the same time, we assume that as a result of external conditions and the possible interaction of the public the work may take on a new, surprising form over time or even experience total disintegration.

The unveiling of the installation on 19 July will be accompanied by two acoustic concerts from the Dolne Miasto Live series on the shore of Opływ Motławy. Asia i Koty and Sonia pisze piosenki will play on the picturesque meadow.

ASIA I KOTY is the solo project of Joanna Kuźma, who takes on the role of a singer/songwriter, provoking associations with the golden 1960s era. Accompanying herself on the guitar or the piano, she sings beautiful, melodic and incredibly sad songs. Her poignant voice and interpretations bring to mind artists such as PJ Harvey, Tori Amos or Cat Power. Hypnotising songs sung by Asia are often based on just a couple of simple chords. However, as soon as she begins to sing, the accompaniment (and even the entire surroundings) cease to have any meaning. Asia i Koty plays extremely introverted music. Music which does not flirt with the audience or try to win over the listeners. It exists in its own universe, to which one has to pay a personal visit.

SONIA PISZE PIOSENKI has all the makings of one of the top female voices on the indie scene, while Friends to Lovers may well turn out to be one of the most interesting albums of the year. Sonia has just made her debut. She comes from Łomianki near Warsaw and has been composing “for real” for only a year. She began with songwriting evenings at Warsaw’s Klubojadalnia Eufemia, followed by concerts with Lilly Hates Roses, a trip to the UK and… the first official single. Together with Sonia, we have waited for a long time to publish it: Movie Quotes premiered just a couple of days ago, on 21 June 2014. Now it’s time for Sonia Pisze Piosenki’s first album. First, the most important… and so mature! There are not many girls with guitars in Poland, even fewer who can translate their feelings into music in a similar manner. Although for the time being this is just a musical adventure, Sonia is at the doorstep of a true career. It is up to her to use this opportunity. We believe she’ll make it.

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Project realised by Łaźnia CCA as part of the EXTERNAL GALLERY OF THE CITY OF GDAŃSK.
Co-financed from the funds of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage