Inauguration of AND HONEY UPON HAWTHORN GROWS by Thorsten Goldberg

The art object entitled AND HONEY UPON HAWTHORN GROWS has been created within the framework of the South Baltic Programme as a result of the project with the acronym WEBSR – the Upgrade, realized by partners from Poland, Germany and Sweden. The aim of the project was to create artistic objects promoting wind energy in three cities: Kalmar, Rostock and Gdansk.

The inauguration ceremony will be also an opportunity for meeting with the artist, Thorsten Goldberg – the author of the installation as well as the winner of the 1st Honorary Mention in the 4th edition of The International Competition of The Outdoor Gallery of The City of Gdansk for the project entitled Occurence in 2011. The event in The Ronald Reagan Park in Gdańsk on 13 June 2013 will be also attended by the representatives of the WEBS2– the Upgrade project partners.

The blades of the rotors are shaped and folded in a way that they form characters that build a sentence: I MIÓD NA GŁOGU ROŚNIE (and honey upon hawthorn grows). The rotating characters are not easy to read and attract attention only on second sight. The legibility and also the readability is reduced – the sentence is not self explanatory, but it creates a strong atmosphere. It is a fraction of a longer sentence obviously being taken from another context. It describes a very simple situation, but rather than describing a context that is, it describes a future relationship: “and honey will grow on hawthorn.” So the sentence works like a promise.

So what does the work do in this place and who benefits? The work shall imply a relation between this promised land, the plentyfulness of nature of the New England, (where nature produces automatically, the terrain is ideal and the grounds are always fruitful – that is the context of the sentence) and the new energy, wind energy, that is also generated automatically. Important part of the work is the close collaboration between scientists and technicians and the artist in order to develop the work. The task here will be to develop a shape that functions as rotor and as well as character.


On behalf of the organisers we cordially invite to the inauguration and launch of the art installation on 13 June 2013, 11:00 a.m in The Ronald Reagan Park in Gdańsk, Poland.
The installation site can be reached from Czarny Dwór street, entry B

The project is part-financed by the European Union and the South Baltic Programme 2007-2013

Project coordinated by the Electrotechnical Institut The Gdansk Branch