Grete Aagard – Neighbourhood Remarks

The long-term and multilayered project “Neighbourhood Remarks” was initiated by Grete Aagaard in co-operation with CCA LAZNIA in 2013.  During the consecutive editions of the residency a number of initiatives was conducted, to name a few: three issues of Nowy Port Żyje newspaper published in cooperation with a group of Nowy Port residents, workshops on urban furniture, screen printing, creative writing and haiku. 

As a kind of summary of several years of the project, the publication “Nowy Port Żyje. Neighbourhood Remarks” was also created. It included reflections and essays of researchers, art critics, curators, documentarists, artists and project participants.


Subsequent activities in the frames of the project are the result of common decisions and expressions of interest of participants. They resulted from the desire to draw attention to the Nowy Port district, highlight its character, tell the story of its residents, and define places important to them. It is also a gesture of taking an active voice in public debate, participation, redefinition and collective creation of the district.

Grete Aagaard’s work is based on asking questions and creating a place for negotiation and dialogue. It is the process of sharing knowledge and authorship which is crucial for the artist.

In 2019, as part of this year’s interventions in the public space of the district, the participants worked with words and plants. First, as a result of creative writing workshops with Barbara Piórkowska, an original text was developed together, referring to the character of the New Port: “Zorza od morza” (meaning: aurora from the sea). Then, the group participated in the flower planting workshops, jointly designed and created a flower composition shaped as a text, planted on the lawn, on the corner of Oliwska and Podjazd Streets.

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2019 as part of the “Center of Creativity” project.
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