LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art has announced for the second time the competition for a work of art in the space of the Lower City of Gdansk.The project is supposed to act as a stimulus to change the character of the district permanently. The collection is to be created over the years, whereas the works of art will be appointed in the regularly announced closed international competitions.
The Project is an important element of the revitalization of the Lower City district and the elimination of the existing social problems through artistic activities.

Gdańsk Town Council has chosen the district together with the New Port district to be revitalized due to their social problems. Competitions of the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk attempt to join this process using artistic practice and shaping social behaviour. Thus, they constitute a part of a broader programme of life improvement in the above-mentioned districts. The project makes it possible to change the character of the district and create a unique art collection in the urban space. Art in the public space of the Lower City has a vital role to play. The organisers decided that artistic projects created within The Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdańsk will be located in symbolic spaces dividing the Main City and the Lower City. According to this rule, artists invited to take part in the first edition, designed works of art for the barrier of the flyover next to the Szopy Street.

In the second edition, artistic installations will be located at a tram stop at the crossroads of the Podwale Przedmiejskie and Łąkowa streets, including a tram and bus stop with a subway. This place is an important communication hub linking the Lower City with the remaining part of Gdansk and that is why it forms a sort of a gate to the run-down part of the city. This change will contribute to the process of making the surroundings more attractive.

As in the first edition the jury consists of the following members:

1) Enrico Lunghi, Artistic Director of the Casino Luxemburg Gallery in Luxemburg

2) Jacek Dominiczak, lecturer at the Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts, Poland

3) Bettina Steinbrügge, curator, Lunneburg Gallery, Lunneburg

4) Adam Budak, curator, Museum-Joanneum in Graz, Austria

6) Norbert Weber, Artistic Director of ‘Port of Art’, City Council of Kotka, Finnland

7) Jadwiga Charzynska, Director of “Laznia” Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk, Poland

The Jury experts were:

1) Maria Koprowska, architect, Director of Gdansk City Centre Planning Office, Poland

2) Grzegorz Sulikowski – Gdansk Development Office

The Jury chose eight candidates. Each member had a right to present two candidatures. The diversified attitude towards the works of presented artists showed how difficult it is to define the function of art in a public space. Among presented artists there were sculptors, interdisciplinary designers, architects and painters. Variety has been highlighted not only as far as means of expression are concerned but also on the level of subjects. All artists and artistic groups presented captivating standards.

When making the decision, the Jury took into consideration the adequacy of works to the appointed space of the second edition as well as aesthetic and social factors. Chosen artists belong to a group of highly estimated artists of worldwide renown. There are represenatives of Poland, Portugal, Austria, Lithuania and Mexico. The choice is promising and seems to guarantee the variety of proposals and contexts that artists are going to refer to.

Artists chosen to take part in the second edition:

1.Fernando Sanchez Castillo, Madrit, Spain

2.Wim Delvoye, Gent, Belgium

3.Didier Fiuza Faustino, Paryż, France

4.Ronny Hardliz, Rome – Prague, Italy – Czech Republic

5.Dominik Lejman, Gdynia, Poland

6.Kriss Salmanis, Ryga, Latvia

7.Esther Stocker, Wien, Austria

8.Tania Lopez Winkler, Queretro – London, Mexico- England