Ebola Ape + HERTZSHMERTZ in the Lower Town!

The first concert of the “Lower Town Live” series was held on 12 July. Pouring rain and strong wind convinced us to move the performance of Ebola Ape & Hertzshmertz to the interior of Laznia CCA. Although we managed to recreate the atmosphere of meditative and chill-out picnic and at the same time of the mysterious and mistic voodoo rite in our concert venue.

The animal image of Ebola and Hertzshmertz, hipnotic, throbbing music, extraordinary, multiple visualisations, candlelight, insence smell, smoke machine, participants laying on big cushions on the floor – all of these created the atmosphere of this one-off event. All of the participants. The show proved it was well worth coming to Lower Town in such terrible weather.

The other forthcoming Lower Town Live concerts:

THE SHIPYARD (acoustic) – 19 July, at 8pm
THE SUNLIT EARTH (acoustic) – 26 July, at 8pm
ENCHANTED HUNTERS – 9 August, at 8pm
BNNT Sound Bombing – 20-21 August


∑BOL▲ ▲P∑ is an audio-visual Project created by a gorilla named Ebo. His music is mainly based on delicate samples, strongly processed vocal parts and smoothing synthesizer sounds as a floating mist. It’s a stylistic collage of genres. Ebola’s inspirations are so broad that it is difficult to pigeon-hole his music. He is compared to such artists as Burial, oOoOO or Holy Other. During his Laznia performance ∑BOL▲ ▲P∑ will present his latest compositions using a sampler and Midi controller. ebolaape.blogspot.com

HERTZSHMERTZ is a project by Agata Królak, a visual artist, illustrator, graphic designer and a vj based in Gdańsk, Poland. Graduate at graphic design at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. As a VJ she co-founded an audiovisual project called YUME, which creates an a/v microclimat, a space filled with music and visuals, revolving around the subject of dreams and surrealism. Apart from YUME she did visuals for different music artists such as: Hecq, Kartell, Stendek, Ebola Ape, Olbrzym i Kurdupel and others. www.agatakrolak.pl/

Gdańsk CSW Łaźnia koncert Ebola Ape 12 lipca 2013 Fot. R. Jachimowicz 7_625px







Gdańsk CSW Łaźnia koncert Ebola Ape 12 lipca 2013 Fot. R. Jachimowicz 15_625px