The Second Edition of THE LOWER TOWN LIVE

On the wavelenght of popularity of the last year’s Lower Town Live events, we decided to organise yet another series of musical and artistic actions in public space of The Lower Town district in the summer of 2014. The events will be held in unique, untypical places, outside the gallery walls or concert venues. This year we begin the series on 17 May – on The International Museums Night.

Within the framework of the Outdoor Gallery project we invite artists and musicians representing alternative scene, whose performances will interest both the local citizes as well as the guests from other parts of Gdansk or visitors. We intend to create places aimed at stimulating encounters of the local community, citizens of Gdansk and guests visiting the city in the summer season. The project’s aim is to break the barriers and to introduce the distrct as a friendly, attractive place with multiple cultural events to offer. We want to make this space alive with live music in the summer season.


COLDAIR – 17 May, 9:00 PM
PETER J. BIRCH - 26 July, 8:00 PM
LILLY HATES ROSES – 29 August, 8:00 PM

17 May, 9:00 PM
COLDAIR is the work of a multi-instrumentalist Tobiasz Biliński, currently considered one of the most talented independent artists in Poland. Coldair is Bilinski’s solo effort – he writes music and lyrics, arranges and produces most of it by himself. His one-man-shows fuse the experimental-folk background with newly-developed love for modern electronic and pop music. Starting out as a founder and drummer of the experimental band Kyst (which released 2 critically acclaimed albums and performed at such festivals as SXSW, Primavera Sound & Eurosonic), Biliński later decided to let his love for weird pop music take control. What came out of the experimental background and the exploration of song concept was his solo project Coldair. At the moment Coldair is working on a new record, which he will record in August. US & EU tours are scheduled for Autumn.

Laznia1_COLDAIR_625px Coldair, mat. prasowe artysty

19 July, 9:00 PM

ASIA I KOTY is a solo project of Joanna Kuzma, the former singer with Folder. The vocalist adopts the role of a singer/songwriter evoking connotations of the golden 60’s. She sings beautiful, melodic and extraordinarily sad songs and accompanies herself on guitar and piano. Her piercing voice and interpretations full of emotions can remind of such artists as PJ Harvey, Tori Amos and Cat Power. Asia’s hypnotic songs are often based just on a couple of simple chords. But as soon as she starts to sing the whole accompaniment (and the whole surrounding) doesn’t matter anymore. The music of Asia i Koty is extremely introverted. It neither flirts with the audience nor plays tricks on listeners. It exists in its own universe which one has to discover by himself.

Asia i koty_fot.A.Szynwelska_626px Asia i Koty, fot. Anna Szynwelska

19 July, 9:00 PM

SONIA PISZE PIOSENKI is a solo project of a songwriter from Warsaw – Sonia Wąsowska, who creates beautiful, subtle and emotional songs. She writes them as icons, with pietism and patience. She does not shy away from confessions and melancholy. But she also infects with joy, positivity and internal rebirth. She admits to two inspirations: Cat Power and Laura Marling. She is well known from songwriter evenings in Warsaw and touring with the duo Lilly Hates Roses. She was always warmly received in Poland and Ireland. She has just released her first debut mini-album, Friends to Lovers (26 June 2014), signed by one of the most influential music portals FYH! The material will be presented at the concert.

Sonia foto_625px Sonia pisze piosenki, mat. prasowe artystki

26 July, 8:00 PM

Is it Bob Dylan’s and Joni Mitchell’s illegitemate child? – asked Angelika Kucińska in ‘Przekrój’ journal. He splendidly builds tension and atmosphere. It’s hard to believe that this mature piece of was recorded by a guy who is twenty-something – said Robert Sankowski in ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’. Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, Slovakia, Netherlands, Great Britain, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Switzerland and Germany – this is where he played. Recently he performed at several major European festivals (Open’er, OFF in Poland, Poke in Slovakia and Melodica in Hamburg) – both solo and with his band The River Boat Band. He performed more than 270 concerts and he is only 23! He comes from Wołów (Lower Silesia) Peter J. Birch is definitely one of the most active musicians in Poland. He is currently promoting his new album from 2013 ‘When The Sun’s Risin’ Over The Town’. The album has received very good reviews in the Polish and European press. In the spring of 2014 he releases new material. .

Peter J Birch - fot - Ala Protasewicz_625px Peter J. Birch, fot. Ala Protasiewicz

20 August, 8:00 PM

PPE3 PPE3 is an international shoegaze instrumental collective created especially for the SpaceFest! Festival organised by Nasiono Association and CSW Łaźnia. Group of musicians from Poland and other countries met during the workshops at the beginning of December 2013, in order to create musical material that was then presented during the festival. Pure Phase Ensemble 3 members are: Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), Ray Dickaty (Solar Fire Trio, ex-Spiritualized), Małgorzata Penkalla (Enchanted Hunters), Magdalena Gajdzica (Enchanted Hunters), Joanna Kuźma (Asia i Koty), Jarosław Marciszewski (Popsysze), Jakub Świątek (Popsysze), Sławek Draczyński (Popsysze), Jakub Kozak (The Esthetics) and Karol Schwarz (KSAS). In the summer of 2014 they will meet again to give series of concerts promoting the album – ‘Live at SpaceFest! 2013’. <

LaetitiaSadier_byDavidThayer_625px Laetitia Sadier, fot. David Thayer

20 August, 7:00 PM

NATHALIE AND THE LONERS is a solo project of Natalia Fiedorczuk, who has one of the most intriguing vocals on Polish alternative stage. Natalia debuted in 2009 with the album ‘Go, Dare’ (Ampersand). Nathalie And The Loners submerges into subtle melodies. Compositions where no sound is random, play on the most sensitive strings of dreamy ladies and gentlemen. You can hear Natalia’s voice on tracks of such bands as Cieślak i Księżniczki (2010), Sublim (2010), Orchid (‘Driving With A Hand Brake On’, 2009), or Happy Pills (‘Retrosexual’, 2010). Natalia is the author of music in plays of Teatr Powszechny in Warszaw, and she has her own regular column on T-Mobile Music website. Her second solo album was produced by Antena Krzyku and is called ‘On Being Sane (In Insane Places)’.

NathalieAndTheLoners_625px Nathalie and The Loners, mat. prasowe artystki

29 August, 8:00 PM
LILLY HATES ROSES released their album ‘Someting to Happen’ on 30th of July 2013, and they already debuted on the air of iconic American KEXP radiostation. The tack ‘Youth’ was covered by Sarak Blackwood, who’s an author of many famous covers. Very quickly they became an interest of the wild of music and were enthusiastically welcomed on Open’er and Slot Art. Festivals. While promoting their debut album they gave 25 shows in Poland and Germany. Their last tour also included Ireland. In the spring of 2014 they will tour in Iceland, where they are going to produce a documentary film. Their music is based on indie-folk, supported by avant-garde electronics, surrounded with melancholic, intimate lyrics. The album was produced by Maciej Cieślak (Ścianka, Lenny Valentino). Smolik was responsible for mastering, the album was recorded with the use of analog technique. Something for Bon Iver, Low, The XX fans.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Lilly Hates Roses, mat. prasowe artystów