THE LOWER TOWN TALKS – city wanderings

The main aim of The Lower Town Talks wanderings organised within the framework of The Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk is to interest citizens of the Lower Town and other districts in the history of this place. The Lower Town is one of the last remaining districts of Gdansk kept in the original shape. In spite of its rich history it is perceived as a “dark” and dangerous district.

By the series of guided tours during which the history of the district will be presented as well as it’s most scenic and surprising places we will try to change the way the district is perceived, change its image and make people interested in it.

During The International Night of Museums the first tour will be held. The tours will be held once a month – from May till September 2014. Each tour will have its theme. The programme of the wanderings will be prepared by Karolina Pochwatka – art historian and animator of cultural events – who knows The Lower town from inside out. She will invite professional guides, local artists and citizens of the district to co-talk about the place and show it round.


The Lower Town is a district that is hard to classify. On one hand it’s neglected and desolated – mainly because of the WZ road which completely separated it from the Main Town, and on the other hand – authentic and what may surprise many, very picturesque. Currently undergoing rapid changes that are the result of years of grassroots movement. It slowly opens, turns more accessible, attracts a growing number of people curious not only to view its original architecture that survived the Second World War, but also (and perhaps primarily) its specific climate, which would be difficult to find anywhere else.

During the first of the urban wanderings the general history of the Lower Town will be presented. We will stroll along the trail of the most emblematic places of the district, but we won’t do that in a typical way for school trips, on the contrary – we will try to adapt to the climate that prevails in the Lower Town and not worrying about any rules go in a direction that is designated by our conversations, people we meet, the mood of the participants and the guides and especially the weather, which always has the last word. The ones who spent their summer evenings on the nearby bastions looking at the stunning landscape of Gdansk can understand this approach perfectly. And although apparently dolce vita is possible only in Italy – in such places and in such situations you can easily see that it is not necessarily true. You are welcome to join us!

Time: 18:00 – 20:00
Meeting point: The Lower Town / CSW Łaźnia, ul. Jaskółcza 1