POMERANIAN METROPOLITAN RAILWAY – final stage of construction

The construction works on the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway (PKM) are drawing to a close. Under the agreement of 7 May 2013 signed with the contractor, the deadline for completing construction work was scheduled for 30 April 2015. All eight station structures are now complete.

Two of the stations – Gdańsk-Rębiechowo and Gdańsk-Kiełpinek – are already equipped with the characteristic red passenger shelters. The perforated walls with artistic graphic design by Anna Waligórska are being assembled at the Gdańsk-Brętowo station, and in January 2015 they should be ready in Strzyża. Over the months to come, the PKM line will have to undergo the technical acceptance process, test runs and obtain the required certificates and use permits. The official launch of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway for passengers is scheduled for 1 September 2015.

Although 31 December 2014 marked 83% of the investment implementation period, the scope of works performed was slightly ahead of schedule with 86%. Among the most advanced were earthworks (95%), track structure (85%) and system remodelling as part of the so-called collision removal (from 80% in the case of sanitary systems to 100% in the case of central heating and gas). The construction of new roads adjacent to the PKM line is completed in ca. 90%, while bridgeworks are between 85% and 100% of completion. It should be noted that in terms of building structure, all engineering objects on the PKM line (41 in total) are ready, with only completion works being performed. The longest overpass next to the Gdańsk airport (940 m) was completed 1.5 months before the scheduled deadline.


The most important PKM events in 2015:
• FEBRUARY/MARCH 2015 – completion of track works
• MARCH/APRIL 2015 – beginning of tests on the new railway line
• 30 APRIL 2015 – completion of construction work on the PKM line and hand-over protocol
• MAY – AUGUST 2015 – acceptance procedures, obtaining certificates and permits for use of the PKM line
• 1 SEPTEMBER 2015 – official hand-over of the railway for use.

For more information go to: www.pkm-sa.pl
Photographs: Pomorska Kolej Metropolitalna S.A.