Since the beginning of the project, internationally acclaimed artists and architects as well as young and promising authors were invited to enter the competition

  • Alexandre Arrechea

    Alexandre Arrechea was born in 1970 in Cuba. In 1994 he graduated from Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana. His works reflect the fragility of a human life, the lack of freedom and privacy. They have critical overtones in relation to the current governmental structures and the impact of economy in art. At present Arrechea is interested in the limits of art. The installation presented during the Venice Biennale, which is one of his latest works, constitutes an elaboration on the subject triumph and failure. He is now realizing his artistic projects concerning the public space on Park Avenue NY for the spring of 2013. He participated in the 4th edition of the Outdoor Gallery competition in 2011.

  • Fernando Sánchez Castillo


    He develops his artistic work in conceptual sphere existing between sculpture and video technique, text and performance studying relations between art and power between public space and collective memory in national and international dimensions. By invoking canons of the history of painting, monumental sculpture and documentary, the artist participates in a process of dismantling historical conventions and in a conceptual and practical exploration of the concept of history in terms of structure and time. A structural elements is related partially with an objection to the traditional model of history, understood as a linear course of events, then again it is connected with re-definition of a concept of history as recurrence (in a Nietzschean understanding of “the Eternal Return”). The winner of the 2nd Honorary Mention in the 3rd edition of The Outdoor Gallery of Gdansk competition in 2009.

  • Hsia-Fei Chang


    She comes from Taiwan and works in Paris. She is a visual artist who deals with pop culture imagery, making everyday life more beautiful. She is the author of photos, videos, installations and performances. She also creates objects of a commemorative nature, commemorating, amongst others, herself. She participated in the 1st edition of the Outdoor Gallery competition in 2005.

  • Carmen Einfinger

    New York based British and American artist Carmen Einfinger was trained as a painter , but used a large variety of material and objects to paint on from the very beginign. Recently she produced outdoor pieces (paintings, sculptures and performances) in New York, Bejing, Taiwan and Italy involving the communities in the production process. Einfinger’s work has manifested a singular personal vision, drawing on a diverse cross-section of cultures and styles to realize her wide range of visual and conceptual ideas. Einfinger is an intuitive artists who has developed a new and unique contribution to the art and culture of her times. Her extensive travels in Europe and Asia have been a major influence, releasing her from the usual conventions of art making. Her method is contemplative, meditative, and sanguine. She maintains a fantastical, exotic vision, even when dealing with the commonplace. The winner of the 1st prize in the 3rd edition of The Outdoor Gallery of Gdansk competition in 2009.

  • Didier Fiuza Faustino


    Born in Paris. Lives and works in Paris and Lisbon. He graduated from Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Villemin in Paris. He is a founder of LAPS (Laboratoire d’Architectures, Performances et Sabotage) and co-founder of the Numeromagazine a Portuguese magazine on aesthetic and contemporary arts. Architecture is a starting point for the artist to his experiments on the border line between visual arts (performance, video and installations) and designing. The concept of space which he proposes merges with physical , psychical and political aspects of a body. Among Didier Faustino’s most famous works are: “Untitled house” the project started in France in 2002; “Stairway to heaven / public space for individual use” carried out in Portugal (2002) and “Body in transit” (2002) The last project was presented at the Venice Biennale of Architecture; it resembles a prototype of an object designed for production on an industrial scale. In fact, it had been designed as a container inside which illegal immigrants and their luggage could travel safely on board of a plane or a ship. The artist’s work is an attempt of creating a “visual and bodily instability” in which architecture is understood as an area of reciprocal interaction between the body and space. In 2009 he was General curator for “Evento09”. First edition of the artistic and urban rendez-vous of Bordeaux. He participated in the 2nd edition of the Outdoor Gallery competition in 2007.

  • Front Studio


    Front Studio, the enterprising firm founded in 2001, is noted for its ability to blur the distinctions between art and architecture. The practice has won several international competitions which challenge conventional notions of space, often through the evocation of visionary ideas. Currently under the stewardship of Yen Ha and Michi Yanagishita, Front Studio pursues a thoughtful and creative approach to design. Recently their entry into the White House Redux competition entitled “American White House” was named an Official Selection of the Popular Vote online component. The project proposes taking the renovation of the White House into an extreme light by empowering the American public with the right to decide the outcome of our national symbol, the White House through the most democratic of stages, the reality TV show. Front Studio’s speculative work often acts as a springboard for discussion and inspiration. Most notably the Farmadelphia project, a finalist in the “Urban Voids: Grounds for Change” competition, has served as a catalyst for the local farming and gardening communities in and around Philadelphia. The disparate individuals and organizations, based on the ideas posited by the Farmadelphia project, have begun to find cohesion in each other using Farmadelphia as an initial thematic generator. In their built work, Front Studio has been recognized as a leader in elegant and timeless design. Their work “Invisible Gate” was awarded the 2nd Honorary Mention in the 1st edition of the Outdoor Gallery competition in 2005.

  • Wang Fu


    / Comes from China, for the past years he has lived and worked in Germany, recently in Berlin. He deals with painting , photography, sculpture and installation. He tries to cross artistic boundaries, including ones originating from his own experience, like the borders between east and west. His works are characterized by multiplicity of form and the way of thinking which comes from Asian culture. The modern topics critically taken up by the artist are embraced in a subtle form however, not without humour. He participated in the 1st dition of The Outdoor Gallery of Gdansk competition in 2005.

  • Marco Godinho


    He is a Luxembourg and Paris based artist who creates objects in various mediums which all challenge our usual models of everyday life and culture : his poetical re-interpretations open new dimensions to perception in a playful manner. Everything that measures time- calendars, watches, language codes, the apprehension of a moving body- contributes to the poetics of encounters in Marco Godinho’s work, as the artist subjects all these standards to personal temporalities. The measurement of space, as a corollary of time, can be examined in the same way. These new temporalities are revealed in drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, photographs, texts, typography and graphic designs. His approach is established around the constant relationships that we maintain faced with theme and space. His works aim to upset the status of the objects that they represent and give the viewer and active role, that of continually reinventing the rules of the game. He participated in the 3rd edition of The Outdoor Gallery of Gdansk competition in 2009.

  • Thorsten Goldberg

    Born in 1960, he studied sculpture at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. Since 1995 Thorsten Goldberg has realized numerous works in public space in Germany and Europe-wide. As a member of different committees and advisory boards he is involved in the election and organisation of competitions for art in public. Thorsten Goldberg is Initiator and Co-Publisher of „Public Art Wiki, an Imagined Library“, the germany-wide internet archive for art in public space in the german-speaking-area ( He taught at various universities and art schools. such as the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, the Art Academy in Muenster, he was Adjunct Professor for Art in Public Space at the Art Academy Linz/AT and Professor for arts and media at the Muthesius Art Academy in Kiel/Germany. Since 1990 Thorsten Goldberg lives and works as an artist in Berlin.

  • Tommi Grönlund / Petteri Nisunen


    Artists and architects based in Helsinki. They have realized architecture and art projects together since 1993. They both are also involved in electronic music. Grönlund and Nisunen usually create works that are beyond the reach of the senses. They investigate for example the way in which electricity or radiation adopt concrete forms like light, sound, heat or movement. In their works they usually present invisible factors that affect all subtle forms of perception and phenomena present in the space. They have participated in international biennials, e.g. Venice, Sao Paulo and Manifesta. Many works are dealing with the public domain, e.g. Ambient City, a radio project consisting of a light sculpture combined with broadcasting of electronic music in Helsinki (1994, 2001), Cologne (1996), Antwerp (1991). They participated in the 3rd edition of The Outdoor Gallery of Gdansk competition in 2009.



    A Tricity based group of architects. Its formation was inspired bby Gdansk edition of Akcja-Kreacja- a live design action and a happening organized by Sztuka Architektury magazine. AGREST members are Piotr Wojciechowski of Pio Studio, Paulina Porębska and Szymon Goździkowski of A_7 Architects Office. Whilst each members has realized several individual projects and has achieved their own successes, the whole group has won the local and national editions of Akcja-Kreacja which took place in Museum of Architecture. They also took part in international design competition for Contemporary Museum in Wroclaw and architecture workshops “Youth to Lodz” organized by “Architektura, Murator” magazine. They participated in the 3rd edition of the Outdoor Gallery competition in 2009.

  • Ronny Hardliz


    He is European – born in 1971 in Swiss Bern, whereas his parents – as he often stresses – in Prague. He studied architecture in ETH in Lausanne and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and at present works in Rome, Bern and Prague. Hardliz creates urban events which expose architectural layering and spatial interrelations. Through industrial spectacular of his architecture, Hardliz points the ways of advancement for the modern tradition of functionalism. He participated in the 2nd edition of the Outdoor Gallery of Gdansk competition in 2007.

  • Weronika Kiersztejn / Michał Kozik

    Weronika Kiersztejn and Michał Kozik are young Polish architects (born in 1986). They graduated from the Silesian University of Technology. They were the winners of the Dialogue in Space Competition on the 1st International Biennial of Interior Design in Krakow in 2010. Currently they are developing a design group – muskcollective design.

  • Hans Peter Kuhn

    Born in 1952 in Kiel, Germany, lives and works in Berlin. Hans Peter Kuhn is a sound artist and composer. He started his artistic career as early as the age of 6 when he performed in the theatre class of his school. As a 14 year old, he initiated his first Rock’n’Roll band and in 1975 he started his professional career at the Schaubühne am Halleschen Ufer in Berlin (now Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz). Since 1979 he was more and more concentrated on his own artistic work and created since then a huge body of work. He has mainly created sound- and light installations, radioplays, composed film music (most recent “Der Letzte Kurier” by Adolf Winkelmann, WDR), and music and environments for theatre and – since 1989 – also for dance. The most prestigious award was the “Golden Lion” of the Venice Biennale 1993 that was given to Robert Wilson and Kuhn for the installation “Memory/Loss”. In 1996 Kuhn was a guest professor at the Justus-Liebig-University in Giessen, Germany. In 2002 he get Contractworld Award for innovative architectural concepts for Salon du Livre (2001).

  • Sabina Lang / Daniel Baumann

    Swiss based artists Sabina Lang (b. 1972, Bern) and Daniel Baumann (b. 1967, San Francisco) have been producing work collaboratively as Lang/Baumann or L/B since the beginning of the 1990s. Informed by both the legacies of Pop Art and the Bauhaus, Lang/Baumann’s practice combines installations, sculptures, architectural interventions and relational strategies.

  • Dominik Lejman


    Born in 1969 in Gdańsk, Poland. Works and lives in Poznań, PL, and Berlin. He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and Royal College of Art, Degree of Master of Arts, London. Lejman became known for his coherent technique of combining video projections with the surrounding architecture or with paintings. His work has been described as video-fresco, time-based painting or as a symbiosis of the Black Box and White Cube. Lejman’s installations draw the viewer’s attention to such universal problems as the contemporary societal role of the individual within space while at the same time playing with the traditional practice of projection. Selected individual exhibitions: The Luxury of Survival, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw (2000); Vital Statistics, Norrtalje Konsthall, Sweden (2002); ME- Counts: 0.3s, LUXE Gallery, New York (2005); Dominik Lejman, Vigeland Museum, Oslo (2005); Dominik Lejman, MOCA, London (2005); The Last One Turns the Light On, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw (2006); Conditioned Perspective, Luxe Gallery, New York (2006); Gardens, Arsenał Białystok (2007); Die Nächsten, Zak Gallery Berlin (2007); Dominik Lejman/Katarzyna Józefowicz, Kulturcentrum Ronneby, Sweden (2008). His work “Staging Invisible” won the 1st prize ex aequo in the 2nd edition of the Outdoor Gallery of Gdansk competition in 2007.

  • Tea Makipaa

    Born in 1973 in Lahti Finland, Tea Makipaa graduated form the Fine Arts Academy in Helsinki and Royal College of Art in London. Her works show a complicated and multilayered world. She is interested in human being as a very effective and unique species that is using her skills among other animals and expressing her fastly changing ideas with the help of technology. A laconic presentation of the physical order of the reality in relation to the structural elements which shape our lives is a characteristic feature of her works.

  • Tuomo Manninen


    Born, lives and works in Finland. He is a photographer and creator of installations and objects. In recent years, he has created monumental portratis of the members of various organisations, local communities in world capital cities from Kathmandu to Riga. In2004, he created a project called Average, which was basen on working directly with specially selected, average families from the 5 European capitals. He participated in the 1st edition of the Outdoor Gallery competition in 2005.

  • Andrea Mastrovito

    Born in 1978 in Bergamo, Italy. Andrea Mastrovito always works on re-invention of drawing and of its supports, from the simple sheet to the whole gallery, and, in consequence, on re-invention of life and of its cycle. Mastrovito uses to simplify life and its images, imagining the world like an enormous Plato’s cave, where ideas are bidimensional silhouettes which projects shadows of themselves on the rock faces. That’s why Mastrovito often uses paper: using two dimensions instead of three, he can be closer to the original, unique, idea, to the original principle. He received his MFA in 2001 from Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti in Bergamo. In 2007 he won the New York Prize, awarded by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He installed solo shows in private galleries in Milan, Florence, Paris, Geneva, Brussels, New York and in three Centers for Contemporary Art in Milan (Museo del Novecento), Monfalcone, Italy, and Lacoux, France. His works has also been included in many public exhibition all across Europe and United States – MAXXI National Museum of the 21st century and Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome; B.P.S. 22, Charleroi, Belgium; M.A.D., New York and others.

  • Group Metaform & SUMO

    METAFORM is an architectonical group from Luxembourg, who creates their buildings in cooperation with the Luxembourg Street Artist SUMO. They worked together, among other, at an apartment in Luxembourg, where SUMO covered inside and outside walls with works in a post-graffiti style. As a result they have created a building, which ideally connects modern architecture and street art. The METAFORM Group consists of Shahram Agaajani, Christelle Chevalier, Sebastiano Bizarro, Pascal Hilpert, Thierry Cruchten, Maria Klöckner, Beate Konkol, Matthieus Ristic, Nuria Quiroga, Yves Schlesser, Serge Schmithen, Ilektra Theodosiou, Luna Wayn.

  • Markus Miessen

    nOffice and its three partners Markus Miessen, Magnus Nilsson and Ralf Pflugfelder are an architectural practice based in Berlin and London. Situated on the crossroads of critical spatial design, architecture, urban intervention and the art world, nOffice have been accumulating expert knowledge about the conceptualization and implementation of archives, libraries, gallery spaces, cultural centres and the typology of the ‘hub’. nOffice have been specializing in the development of hetero-typologies. Their recent projects for LU Arts Centre & RADAR Hub, Gwangju Biennial, 0047, Manifesta 8, Performa 09, ASAP, Archive Kabinett, and the longer term Hans Ulrich Obrist Archive are bastard typologies: productive spatial constructs that overlap, dissect, and conflictually flatten several usually distinct programs into one. nOffice believe that bastards are stronger than pedigrees. They are pushing the idea of the heterogeneous space, something like an ‘interior city’.

  • Daniel Milohnic


    Born in 1969 in Dragozetici, Croatia, lives in Frankfurt. Since 1996 he works with Dirk Paschke. In 1997 he founded artistic group Phantombüro. In 2001 he started cooperation with Resonatorcoop. He has presented his works at numerous exhibitions worldwide, for instance: Deutschlandscape, Victoria & Albert Museum, London (2006), Palast der Republik, Berlin (2005), 9th Architecture Biennale in Venice, German Pavillion Metamorphosen, Venice (2004), Mobile Architektur (mobile unit), Amsterdam (2002). . In 1996 Daniel Milohnic and Dirk Paschke opened their installation Hafenbad in the outdoor trash-yard of the Städel Ateliers, situated in the midst of the eastern Frankfurt industrial areas. The Hafenbad consisted of two overseas freight containers welded together, resulting in a swimming pool with a capacity of 150.000 l. The Hafenbad, now called Werkschwimmbad, unfolds new perspectives with regard to the re-evaluation of industrial culture in the Ruhr area. Together with Lex Rijkers he won the 1st prize in the 1st edition of the Outdoor Gallery competition for the project LKW Gallery in 2005.

  • Miks Mitrevics


    He is one of the young promising artists in Latvia. He works with video, installations and photography. His works seek deeply into the human mind and call out its emotional expression. They lead us to the past by which the presence seems to stop for a while. The routine of man’s physiology slows down, the space changes its meaning, and nothing is like it used to be. Miks is a member of a Rigas Zieds commission of artists who initiate multimedia projects. He took part many internet initiatives like Find Yourself, 2000 or VKN Intro, 2001. He shows his works mainly in Riga, although his projects are known in Germany, Italy, Finland and Lithuania. His work Collection of Persons, a two storey office container with a sight-seeing platform on top was a prominent work at Manifesta 7 in Italy. He participated in the 3rd edition of The Outdoor Gallery of Gdansk competition in 2009.

  • Ivan Moudov


    Born in Sofia in 1975, is one of the most interesting young artists currently practicing in Bulgaria. He took part in Manifesta 4 in Frankfurt (2002) and has exhibited widely in Australia, Montenegro, Italy and France as well as in Bulgaria. He has become one of the most notable artists of his generation, for persistent injecting of new ideas into contemporary photography and is interested in the idea of an art the involves itself and invades into much more powerful and overwhelming social and cultural structures and practices. With his often provocative installations, videos and photographs Moudov wants to show art ”which has the power to penetrate and influence the overwhelming social and cultural practices of television, advertising and communication technologies”. He participated in the 3rd edition of The Outdoor Gallery of Gdansk competition in 2009.

  • Olaf Nicolai

    He studied Literature and Linguistucs in Leipzig and Vienna. In 1992 he gained a doctorate for his dissertation concerning the Vienna Group and received a diploma in Fachschule für Angewandte Kunst in Schneeberg. He is a scholarship holder and a winner of numerous awards, e.g. Kunstpreis der Stadt Wolfsburg (2002), Villa Aurora Scholarship in Los Angeles (2008), IASPIS (Sztokholm, 2000), PS1 (New York, 1998), Villa Massimo in Rome (1997/98) and Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes Scholarship (1993). He participated in international individual exhibitions, e.g. Kunstraum Dornbirn (2006), Kunstmuseum Thun (2004), Casino Luxembourg (2003), Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Zurich (2001), Watari-Um Muzeum in Tokio (1998) and joint exhibitions: 51. Biennale in Vennice (2005), 4. Kwangju Biennale (Korea, 2002), Biennale of Sydney (2002), “etre natury”, Fondation Cartier (Paris, 1998), Documenta X (Kassel, 1997).

  • Philippe Rahm


    Born in 1967, studied at the Federal Polytechnic Schools of Lausanne and Zurich. He obtained his architectural degree in 1993. He was the principal of the firm “Décosterd & Rahm, associés” until 2004. He works currently in Paris (France) and Lausanne (Switzerland). In 2002, he was chosen to represent Switzerland at the 8th Architecture Biennale in Venice and is one of the 20 manifesto’s architects of the Aaron Betsky’s Architectural Venice Biennale 2008. In 2007, he had a individual exhibition at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal. He has participated in a number of exhibitions worldwide (Archilab 2000, SF-MoMA 2001, Valencia Biennial 2003, CCA Kitakyushu 2004, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo 2005, Frac Centre, Orléans, Centre Pompidou, Beaubourg 2003-2006 and 2007, Manifesta 7, 2008). Philippe Rahm was a resident at the Villa Medici in Rome (2000). He was Head-Master of Diploma Unit 13 at the AA School in London in 2005-2006, Visiting professor at the École Nationale Supérieure de Beaux-Arts of Paris in 2003, Mendrisio Academy of Architecture in Switzerland in 2005 and 2006, at the ETH Lausanne in 2006 and 2007 and at the School of Architecture of Paris-Malaquais in Paris in 2008. He is Professor at the ECAL Lausanne. He is currently working on several private and public projects in France, Poland, England, Italy and Austria. He has lectured widely, including at Cooper Union NY, Harvard School of Design, UCLA and Princeton. He was awarded the 1st Honorary Mention in the 1st edition of the Outdoor Gallery competition in 2005.

  • Lex Rijkers

    mobile unit_194px

    An architect, born in 1966 in Schijndel, Netherlands, lives in Frankfurt. In 2001, with designer Nanna Hirsch he founded Resonatorcoop, the office for architecture, design and communication. In the same year they also established the “Osmotic Room”, a socio-cultural workframe for art, film, literature and science in social context. Lex Rijkers took part in several competitions and symposia concerning urban development and quality, art in public space and mobile architecture. Mobile Unit Shed realized by Milohnic, Rijkers and Paschke was a multi-purpose additional room and a public space sculpture – a place to meet, communicate and enjoy social and cultural life. It consisted of two containers, a wooden porch, bamboo canes, paper parasols and a camper van. The installation recalled standard industrial architecture whereas the tent-shape of the parasols referred to the nomadic context. Mobile Unit Shed was part of the exhibition Parasite Paradise 2003 in Utrecht: a manifesto of temporary architecture and flexible urbanism. Together with Daniel Milohnic he won the 1st prize in the 1st edition of the Outdoor Gallery competition for the project LKW Gallery in 2005.


    Born in 1968 in USA, lives and works in Vienna. She studied at the MCPS Art Center in Maryland, and received graduate degrees from the School of Visual Arts and the Hunter College Graduate Fine Arts Program in New York. Ruyter’s work is a commentary on painting and photography as diverse media. Lisa Ruyter has shown her work in galleries and museums all over the world including, among others, the Museum of Modern Art (New York), the Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art (Istanbul), Collection le Consortium (Dijon, France), La Colección Jumex (México), the Essl Collection (Klosterneuburg/Vienna), and Valencia Arte Contemporáneo (Spain). She showed her works in numerous group shows and at international art fairs. Since 1996 she has created works, in which she translates photography to the language of picture.

  • Krišs Salmanis


    Born in 1977 in Riga, Latvia where he still lives and works. The works of Krišs Salmanis invite to play an intellectual and ironic game – sometimes also hide-and-seek. A proportion of his works, despite – or maybe thanks to – their lovely design, are a witty, but also quite a stinging comment on today’s world and its perceptions. Krišs Salmanis often uses (or abuses) universally accepted visual language, ever so slightly altering the common “orthography” so it changes the meaning, as well. For example, he produces a series of identity badges where one recognizes everyday codes of the global society (computer freaks, pacifists and militarists, nationalists, globalists, terrorists and tourists, graffitists etc.) which have been affected by “innocent” adjustments.
    Selected solo exhibitions: Exit, Atelier am Eck, Düsseldorf (2008); Silver, Gold, Plasticine, with Daiga Krūze, special venue in Riga (2006); 100% disappointment, with Daiga Krūze special venue in Riga (2004). Related activities: Digital Shakespeare, poetry game CD: concept, visual and animation direction of “Othello” (2006–8); Digital Rainis, poetry game CD: concept, visual and animation direction of “Ave Sol” game (2005). He was awarded with a Honorary Mention in the 2nd edition of the Outdoor Gallery competition in 2007.

  • Daniel Schlaepfer / Fred Hatt

    schlaepfer_christmas tree_194px

    Fred Hatt, an architect, designer and photographer and Daniel Schlaepfer, a botanists and an artist from Switzerland make a team whose works concern the main features of urban space: its shape, light and atmosphere. Fred works on architectonical forms of profound shapes and distortions. Daniel Schlaepfer, by the means of light and its reflections, creates colourful illusions, which transform the image of the buildings and the character of urban streets and squares. Works of these two artists were exhibited and realized in the cities of Switzerland, France, Portugal, Bolivia, Japan and the USA. Hatt’s street orangerie constitute an important part of urban landscape of Geneva while light installations by Schlaepfer create the atmosphere of the parks of this town and alter facades of its buildings. The winners of the 1st Honorary Mention in the 3rd edition of The Outdoor Gallery of Gdansk competition in 2009.

  • Kim Schoenstadt

    Kim Schoenstadt was born Chicago in 1973. She lives and works in Venice, CA. Received her BFAfrom Pitzer College, Ca. Her solo and two person exhibitions and projects have been featured at: Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, Ct.; Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, NL; Santa Monica, Museum of Art, Santa Monica, Ca.; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, LA, Cc.; University of Laverne, La Verne, Ca.; 4-F gallery, Los Angeles, Ca.; Lemon Sky Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca.; Susan Inglet Gallery, New York,NY. Group exhibitions: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Sprueth/Magers Gallery, Munich, Germany; Sabine Knust Gallery, Munich, Germany; San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, Ca.; Prague Biennale, Prague, CR; Poland Biennale, Lodz, PL. Major collections include MOCA, LA and Creative Artists Agency, LA. In 2011 she received the first Catherine Doctorow Prize for Contemporary Painting and the Jarvis and Constance Doctorow Foundation.

  • Esther Stocker


    In her painting and spatial installations, young South Tyrolean artist masterfully elaborates the language of geometrized sign and grid systems, thus building complex narratives that are located on the edge of the rational and the emotional, the abstract and the figurative. Strongly identified by its almost always black – grey – white rigid pattern, Stocker’s environments are both psychologically charged therapy like interiors of contemplation and precise, dynamic studies of perception. As an architectural intervention, based upon scientific research and camouflage strategy, her work softly enters and existing spatial configuration, bringing in a delicate shift in the real, thus negotiating an established order and questioning perceptual energetic habits. Contextual but independent and enigmatic, peaceful but energetic, Stocker’s post minimal patter acrobatics constitute for its audience an offer of a particular richness and complexity: a rare pleasure of playfulness and a unique sophistication of a cognitive approach.


    Bert Theisis an artist, activist and curator based in Isola, Milan, Italy. Co-founder of Isola Art Center and out-Office for Urban Transformation. Sub-Curator of several projects for Isola Art Center and curator of Territoria 4 / The Great Leap, for the Pecci Art Center, Prato, Italy 2009. His works have been mainly created for public spaces in cities like Brussels, Milan, Strasbourg, Paris, Chamarande, Luxembourg, Volterra, Shenzen, Gdansk and other spots. He participated in Münster Sculpture Projects 1997, Manifesta 2 and numerous international shows including the Venice Biennale and the biennials of Taipei, Tirana, Istanbul, Gwangju and Busan. His monograph Some Works(g/eng) was published by Hatje Cantz in 2003, and his second monograph Building Philosophy(f/it/eng) by Domaine départemental de Chamarande, France, in 2010.

  • Su-Mei Tse


    She was born in 1973 in Luxembourg. The daughter of a Chinese father, a violinist, and an English mother, a pianist. Lives and works in Berlin and Luxembourg. In her work she combines in a very poetically way this mixed cultural influences, often enriched by subtle references to the musical traditions of Europe and Asia. Her breakthrough came in 2003 with Golden Lion she won for her exhibition “Air conditioned” in the Luxembourg pavilion at the Venice Biennial. In 2009 Tse was awarded the Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco Prize for Contemporary Art. Tse was selected for a solo exhibition at the Renaissance Society in 2005 titled, “The Ich-Manifestation”. The exhibit contained five video works. Her recent exhibit “Floating Memories” (2009) at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is an installation merging sound, sculpture, and a video projection in which a perpetually revolving gramophone record on an old rug brings back memories of childhood. She participated in the 3rd edition of the Outdoor Gallery competition in 2009.

  • Anna Waligórska

    Born in Bydgoszcz, since 2000 lives in Gdańsk. Anna Waligórska specializes in painting, wall painting, stained-glass, graphic art and scenography. She graduated at the Gdańsk Fine Arts Academy where she received a diploma in 2005 in the faculty of painting at prof. Maciej Świeszewski studio and in the faculty of wall painting and stained-glass at prof. Andrzej Dyakowski studio. During her studies she assisted in the faculty of stage design at prof. Andrzej Markowicz studio (2003). In 2004 she won the first prize in the contest “Artystyczna Podróż Hestii” (“Hestias artistic journey”) – a month scholarship in New York (May 2004). In 2008 she was a scholar of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship “Młoda Polska” (“Young Poland”). Since 2007 she works at the Gdańsk Fine Arts Academy. Her works are in the collection of the National Art Gallery in Sopot and private collections in Poland, Germany, Spain, Holland, Luxembourg, Croatia, USA, Italy and Hungary.

  • Mariusz Waras

    Born in 1978 in Gdynia. Graphic artist, outdoor painter, traveler, architect-amateur. He is a graduate of the faculty of Graphic Art at the Gdańsk Fine Arts Academy, where currently he is the assistant of professor Jerzy Ostrogórski in the painting studio. Mariusz Waras is the author of hundreds of murals within his m-city project. The main motive of his works is the urban landscape. His works are exhibited in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Berlin, Paris, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, New York, Bolzano, London, Prague and other cities. In his free time he is the curator of the billboard gallery 238×504 in Gdynia and an archivist/collector of Polish street art. Professionally he is a graphic artist – a freelancer, repeatedly rewarded in contests, in 2005 in Eugeniusz Geppert contest and in Wrocław’s “Zdarzenia” (“Events”) contest. In 2008 he received a reward for young artists. He also leads art workshops in Łaźnia CCA in Gdańsk.