ART MESH: Let’s play with art

ART MESH is an interactive project which encourages its viewers to have active involvement in the newest art. The project has a form of multi-media game whose main objective is to encourage its participants to active co-creation. Art Mesh uses the glitch effect, i.e. digital error in an image used to transform graphics and video.

The project participants literally transform a work of new art by their opinions but at the same time they expend context for their perception and understanding. The result of interactions between the image and participants’ opinions will be a collection of art-mems, available on a website The Interchange and during the project résumé When is a neighbour a stranger? Art Mesh is a follow-up of the interactive action: Let’s Do It Together (2011–2014).

AM05-940x848 Art Mesh, instalation 2014, photo: Kuba Budzynski

Monika Waraxa i Kuba Budzyński are graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. They live and work in London. In their works they focus on understanding and perception of the newest art. In the period 2011-2014 they created a multimedia project, Let’s Do It Together, which involved the recipients to actively co-create their artistic activity. They have initiated the Interchange and are founders of the Orange Boat where they run their own artistic education programme. Their most significant exhibitions: Metal Culture, Peterborough, UK; CSW Łaźnia, Gdańsk; Zderzak Gallery, Cracow; Polish Institute, Berlin; Cul De Sac Gallery, London; National Art Gallery Zachęta, Warsaw; Culture Communication Centre, Klaipeda, Im Brick, Vienna.

Stéphane B. Bourgeois born in Brussels. He lives and works in London. He studied telecommunication engineering at the Telecom ParisTech in Paris and IT at Oxford Brookes University. Since 2013 has been a member of the Interchange. His special profile is: production of large-format projections, special effects and digital postproduction systems. Linux user since 2001.

Agata Tannenberg – A graduate of the Wrocław University of Economics and Faculty of Psychology at Wrocław University. Her specialisation is design of comprehensive diagnostic processes and making competence models.

The project is developed within the framework of THE OUTDDOR GALLERY OF CITY OF GDAŃSK.
The project was supported by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Republic of Poland.

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