Anna Waligórska wins the 5th Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk Competition

The international Jury of contemporary art curators cooperating with Laznia CCA have decided that the project by Anna Waligórska from Gdańsk was the best out of the 6 final works admitted for the competition.

The aim of the competition was to design a graphic pattern for the walls of railway stops of the Pomorskie Metropolitan Rail. The jury noted that the 6 competition entries submitted by artists from Poland, Austria, Germany, Italy and Luxembourg varied considerably and that all of them complied with competition requirements. After having debated on all of the propositions, the jury made an unanimous decision to present the first prize to Anna Waligórska from Gdańsk. The winning project convinced the jury by its unique diffusion of easthetic and informal approaches connected with a strong artistic statement. The winner will receive the prize of 5.000 Euro and her project will be implemented within the biggest infrastructural investition of Pomorskie Voivoidship.

Anna Waligórska’s project goes along with the lightness of the new modern architecture of the train stations, but at the same time dissolves the soberness of the structure with organic imagery. Furthermore, it meets the needs of travelers for orientation by appointing numbers to each station and integrating them into a highly recognizable over all image.
The jury considered the artist’s proposal of a highly sophisticated lighting system, that also has a signal function by announcing the approach of trains to the station, both in form of light columns and ceiling illumination, an indispensable part of the submission and strongly recommends to realize it along with the perforation images.

The jury assigned also the second prize equally to projects by Hans Peter Kuhn from Germany and Andrea Mastrovito from Italy. Project by Hans Peter Kuhn stands out for creating a three-dimensional art work involving the interior space of the train station. It converts the main characteristic of the walls, the perforation of the 12 meter high metal sheets, into a humorous game with penetrating neon light sticks. Project by Andrea Mastrovito has a strong narrative and poetic aura and seduces through its use of historical moments of city of Gdansk and the surrounding region, referring to the “Machina Coelestis” by Johannes Hevelius.