An operation test of Amber Drops installation by Fred Hatt and Daniel Schlaepfer

On 26 October 2011 at 4.30 PM under the bridge in Szopy Street we are holding a general operation test of Amber Drops installation by Fred Hatt and Daniel Schlaepfer. Amber Drops was awarded the first honorary mention in the 3rd edition of The International Competition Of The Outdoor Gallery Of The City Of Gdansk in 2009 for its subtle reference to the importance of amber in building of Gdansk identity as well as for their minimalistic way of dealing with the aesthetics of public space.

Amber Drops is an installation of yellow translucent pebbles made of epoxy resin with a built in led lighting system. The glow of ambers varies in time and rhythm like the breathing of a person. Objects typical of our times of different sizes and of different types are embedded into the resin – like a mobile phone or other relics of today’s daily life that had been trapped within like bugs.

The artwork will be realized in the autumn of 2011 as a permanent site-specific installation in the space of the Lower Town district under the flyover by Szopy Street. Pulsating lights of the amber stones and their reflections in the mirror-like surface of Invisible Gate by Front Studio group will make an impression that the whole space is alive and breathing.

The event will be followed by a performance Libretto GSM by Maciej Wojnicki together with the students of the Academy of Music in Gdansk in the space of the underground passage at Łąkowa, where the installation Staging Anonymous by Dominik Lejman is situated.

Amber Drops_8835-625px

Amber Drops, Fred Hatt & Daniel Schlaepfer, photo: T. Zerek