Monthly Archives: August 2015


„Neighbourhood Remarks” – the second issue of newspaper “Nowy Port Żyje”

In the summer 2015 journalism, architectural and project management workshops were realized within the framework of the “Neighbourhood Remarks” project. The second issue of the newspaper “Nowy Port Żyje” has been also released.

“Neighbourhood Remarks” project is based on a close collaboration with the local community of Nowy Port district. The artist sees herself as a moderator, delegating most of the tasks to the participants / co-authors. Activities in the frames of “Neighbourhood Remarks ” are a kind of laboratory researching the social and cultural territory of the district.


Miracle on the Martwa Wisła – 15 August in Nowy Port

Another edition of the Miracle on the Martwa Wisła will take place on 15 August in Nowy Port. The attractions include workshops, lectures, concerts, film screenings and other artistic events, which will provide a perfect pretext for spending some time outdoors.

In 1845, American thinker Henry Thoreau subjected himself to a social experiment and spent over two years of his life in the forest surrounding Walden Pond in Massachusetts. During this seclusion, away from civilisation and progress, Thoreau created a manifesto of simplicity, self-sufficiency, personal development and praise of nature – Walden: or, Life in the Woods.