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The unveiling of KRYSTIAN “TRUTH” CZAPLICKI’s sculpture and concerts by ASIA I KOTY / SONIA PISZE PIOSENKI

On Saturday, 19 July 2014, an unusual event took place on the shore of Opływ Motławy, next to the Wyskok Redoubt. As part of the Lower Town Speaks cycle, a sculpture by Krystian “Truth” Czaplicki was unveiled, while Sonia Pisze Piosenki and Asia i Koty played for the numerous attendees. Between the concerts, the microphone was handed over to children from Lower Town
who were keen to present their unique interpretations of popular songs.

The evening passed in a nice and friendly atmosphere among the lush greenery of the Lower Town bastions. The event gathered both the youngest and the elderly inhabitants of the district as well as
visitors, artists from Gdańsk and other Polish cities. Music and art broke all barriers here. We gave a voice to persons, objects and places usually deprived of it.


Tales of BASTIONS and PETER J. BIRCH’s concert

We invite you to take part in the next events of the series THE LOWER TOWN LIVE and THE LOWER TOWN TALKS on Saturday 26th July. First we’ll have a chance to get to know the areas of bastions and scenic, although a bit forgotten, spaces of Olszynka district. After the walk we can enjoy the acoustic concert played by Peter J. Birch in Laznia CCA’s courtyard.

July equals holidays and holidays are good for wanderings! This time our charismatic guide – Karolina Pochwatka – will take us on a trip to bastions, the old fortifications that used to protect the town from the south, but not only. If weather permits we’ll also go to Olszynka to see what has remained of the old manor and of the unique Dutch housing estate.



On 19 July, an unusual event is going to take place in Gdańsk’s Dolne Miasto district, on the shore of Opływ Motławy near the Wyskok Redoubt – unveiling Krystian “Truth” Czaplicki’s sculpture and 2 concerts from the Dolne Miasto Live series: Asia i Koty and Sonia pisze piosenki.

The temporary installation by Krystian “Truth” Czaplicki has been planned for implementation as part of the temporary projects conducted by the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdańsk, which are complementary to the large, permanent artistic endeavours – works of art selected by an international jury that have become part of the Dolne Miasto landscape.