Monthly Archives: May 2014


Summer Meetings with art in LKW GALLERY

Once again, we give the space of LKW Gallery to artists and culture animators! In summer we invite children and youth for different actions, workshops and urban games in the Lower Town.

It has been 7 years since we stopped the LKW truck on its way to the Lower Town and changed it into a completely different object – a space for development, education and entertainment for the local citizens. In 2008 we opened its doors to the public and launched our activities inside LKW Gallery – the studio designed by Lex Rijkers and Daniel Milohnic that was the winning project of the 1st edition of The Outdoor Gallery of The City of Gdansk competition. LKW is a place where artistic actions and workshops are organised for the local community. Our aim is to produce works of art in public space that have aesthetic values but also have educational and interactive purposes.


THE LOWER TOWN TALKS – city wanderings

The main aim of The Lower Town Talks wanderings organised within the framework of The Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk is to interest citizens of the Lower Town and other districts in the history of this place. The Lower Town is one of the last remaining districts of Gdansk kept in the original shape. In spite of its rich history it is perceived as a “dark” and dangerous district.

By the series of guided tours during which the history of the district will be presented as well as it’s most scenic and surprising places we will try to change the way the district is perceived, change its image and make people interested in it.


The Second Edition of THE LOWER TOWN LIVE

On the wavelenght of popularity of the last year’s Lower Town Live events, we decided to organise yet another series of musical and artistic actions in public space of The Lower Town district in the summer of 2014. The events will be held in unique, untypical places, outside the gallery walls or concert venues. This year we begin the series on 17 May – on The International Museums Night.

Within the framework of the Outdoor Gallery project we invite artists and musicians representing alternative scene, whose performances will interest both the local citizes as well as the guests from other parts of Gdansk or visitors. We intend to create places aimed at stimulating encounters of the local community, citizens of Gdansk and guests visiting the city in the summer season.