Monthly Archives: August 2013


Carnival in August – BNNT in the Lower Town

BNNT’s sound bombing in the Lower Town turned out to be a very good idea. A very warm welcome of the group by the inhabitants of the neighbourhood was an extraordinary experience for us. The more so, if we recall that the exhibition of one of the members of the duo, Konrad Smoleński, featuring a sound installation and closed the previous day did not always provoke positive emotions among the closest neighbours…

While Łaźnia was visited by crowds of gallery-museum public willing to see, listen and almost physically experience (in many cases to experience again) S.T.R.H., inhabitants of the neighbouring building, reacting to the several-minute long “blows” and “shocks” generated systematically every hour, prepared eggs and sharpened axes…


Miracle on the Lifeless Vistula. NEW PORT City Wanderings

In the anniversary of the battle called “Miracle on the Vistula” (on 15-16 August) we invited citizens of Gdansk as well as tourists to Nowy Port for a two-day art festival devoted to gardening, local organic food, and wandering.

Participants were encouraged to explore their own roads and ”lose themselves” in the green areas of the district. All of us became the city vagabonds who drifted among the magic of everyday life. As the guerrilla gardeners we will sought for edible wild plants, walked, wandered around, and discovered miracles on the banks of the Lifeless Vistula.


JULIA DRAGANOVIĆ to be New Director of Kunsthalle Osnabruck

On November 1st 2013, Julia Draganović – the curator of the last Outdoor Gallery symposium in Gdansk and a jury member of the Outdoor Gallery of The City of Gdansk competition – will become Director of the Kunsthalle Osnabruck in Germany.

“The Kunsthalle Osnabruck is a highly inspiring place for contemporary art. In the past twenty years the current Director André Lindhorst has done a successful job of planning and organizing exhibitions. This has positioned the Kunsthalle Osnabruck among the important and ground breaking places for contemporary art in Germany.



In the hot summer evening of the 9th of August, in the courtyard of CCA Laznia at the next event of the Lower Town Live we had a spectacular turnout of the audience. It was all because of the beautiful sounds of Enchanted Hunters with elements of dream-pop, dream-folk and Americana in their music.

At first glance, you are dominated by female element in the band: the girl’s voice, soft tones of the flute and cymbals with dreamy jazzy chords. They create a nostalgic atmosphere, and break out into psychedelic sound with references to American indie rock of the ’90s. An important aspect of the Enchanted Hunters are their live performances, these are warmly received by each audience and they play in the most unusual places. Enchanted Hunters are a Polish band founded by Margaret Penkalla, and includes Magdalena Gajdzica and Patrick Zieliniewicz.