The Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk is an art project for the Lower Town – the district of Gdansk where Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art is situated. This culture institution through the cooperation in the framework of a long-term revitalization plan supports the process of social and architectonic transformation of the neglected district. The project consists of two important elements: international competition aiming to create a permanent collection of works of art in urban space and a wide range of educational activities.


Konsultacje społeczne z Carmen Einfinger


Zapraszamy mieszkańców Dolnego Miasta oraz wszystkich zainteresowanych sztuką w przestrzeni publicznej na wykład i konsultacje społeczne, dotyczące realizacji na skwerku przy ulicy Dolnej, pracy Carmen Einfinger „Zapach koloru”.

Galeria Zewnętrzna Miasta Gdańska to projekt artystyczny dla gdańskiej dzielnicy Dolne Miasto, realizowany przez Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej ŁAŹNIA od 2005 roku. Współdziałając w zakresie wieloletniego planu rewitalizacyjnego, instytucja kultury wspiera proces transformacji społecznej i architektonicznej dzielnicy.

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Live in the City – the summer gigs 2016!

The 4th edition of Live in the City (Miasto na żywo) – concerts taking place in the public space as part of the Gdańsk Outdoor Gallery – is about to begin. This year, Dolne Miasto will witness such acts as Band A, Asia i Koty, Hoszpital and Popsysze, while DJ Wika and DJ Czarna are going to play in Nowy Port. The first gig is on 23 July!

Live in the City began in 2013. The idea was to organise gigs in unusual locations: in yards, rather than within gallery walls and music clubs. The project counts with the participation of artists whose concerts may interest both local inhabitants and guests from other part of the city or tourists visiting Gdańsk.

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MIASTO MÓWI powraca!

This year will see another edition of The City Speaks – walks around unique, historical districts of Gdańsk organised as part of the Gdańsk Outdoor Gallery.

Together with charismatic guide Karolina Pochwatka, who is the author of the cycle, participants are going to explore new places, discovering the history and extraordinary character of each district. The conversations are going to revolve around stories known and heard, urban legends and transformations of urban areas effected by their inhabitants.

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Centre for Contemporary Art Laznia is located in a district which requires financial support as well as a complex educational input. The social issues made it necessary to reach for means and methods that could appeal to the local society. Education was integrated with the mechanisms of revitalisation. The workshops realised within the framework of The Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk are conducted by renowned artists representing theatre, dance, music, visual arts, media, hand-crafts as well as by educators practicing alternative educational methods.

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